Chapter 117: Brother Yize Is Not Happy

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Chi Yuanfeng answered carelessly, “Did she go to the bathroom?”

“For an hour?” Sheng Yize looked unhappy.

Chi Yuanfeng looked clueless. “She hasn’t lost her way, has she?”

Sheng Yize was speechless, finding Chi Yuanfeng to be such a jinx.

However, on a second thought, that little dummy might actually get lost!

He took out his phone and called An Xiaxia. The call went through immediately and An Xiaxia’s sweet voice rang out on the other side. “Sheng Yize? Why? What happened?”

“Where are you? Did you get lost or kidnapped?” asked Sheng Yize in his tsundere style. Hidden behind that tone was his undetectable concern.

“I’m giving out the packed lunches to everyone! It’s so yummy! And Rong Che oppa bought them for me… Aww! I’m hanging up now! I need to savor the happiness on my own!”

Then there was only a beeping sound.

Sheng Yize looked at his phone in disbelief. Did that woman just hang up on him?

And what did she mean by Rong Che buying it for her? Did that scumbag mess with her again?

Anger began to rise inside him as he went to search for An Xiaxia with a cold face.

Chi Yuanfeng had just gotten a nice hard of cards, which he ditched at this sight as he followed Sheng Yize right away. They ran into He Jiayu, who had just finished practicing his lines with Li Fanxing, the supporting actress in the drama. Chi Yuanfeng yelled, “Brother, bad news! Xiaxia somehow made Brother Yize angry again! Look how dark his face is!”

He Jiayu smiled wryly. “I saw already. I was wondering what could make that expressionless fellow look so murderous.”

This An Xiaxia was really some character.

When Sheng Yize spotted An Xiaxia, she was giggling while holding onto a box of packed lunch.

Looking around, he saw that all the staff members were fighting over the dishes and people were marveling at the food constantly.

“Wow, what’s the occasion? This is the takeaway set from Yu’an Hotel and it costs a small fortune!”

“Exactly. Hm… out of my way! That sweet and sour fillet is mine!”

“Hey! Anyone who takes my food again is getting smacked on the head with this camera!”

As the staff fought over the food, a girl from the props department suddenly turned to Qiqi standing on the side. “I heard it was your job to get the packed lunches today. This is very generous of Fanxing, buying us such a nice lunch…”

Qiqi gritted her teeth — like hell! Li Fanxing had given her the money, but it would never be enough for something like this!

Moreover, in order to get back at An Xiaxia, she hadn’t given her any money to begin with. Where did all this nice food come from?

She couldn’t have bought it on credit… could she?

At that thought, she said in a tone dripping with acid. “I had other errands to run, so I gave the task to Starry Night’s junior assistant. By the way, An Xiaxia, did you pay for the food?”

The crowd that was fighting over the food froze at those words and turned to look at An Xiaxia in unison.

Shit. That girl was too young to have this much money. She didn’t put it on credit, did she?

Were they going to share the bill?

An Xiaxia woke up from her daydream and saw that everyone was looking at her with worried faces. She asked innocently, “What’s going on?”

“Hoho… An Xiaxia, there’s really no need to feign generosity. We all know Starry Night doesn’t get any shows these days and it’s only normal that those kids don’t have much money. But that’s not an excuse for them to let their assistant play scams on others. Do you have any idea how much a packed lunch set from Yu’an Hotel costs? And you’ve bought so much food?”

She was about to go on when a girl next to her tugged at her sleeve. “Hey, the three Starry Night members are all here!”

Qiqi winced, turned her head, and froze on the spot as if she had just been electrocuted.