Chapter 118: An Invoice Not Qualified For the Lottery Draw

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The three were still in their ancient-style clothes. Standing there, they made such an attractive spectacle.

Qiqi almost felt like slapping herself. She was only trying to humiliate An Xiaxia; never did she expect to be caught red-handed by the girl’s employers!

However unpopular Starry Night might have become or how likely they were to get shelved, she was never in any position to trash them to their faces.

She forced a smile and tried her best to find an excuse. However, none of the three even looked at her. Sheng Yize went up to them and frowned at An Xiaxia, then handed her a card. “Use this next time. Our treat.”

An Xiaxia took the card, still looking confused, while the others drew in loud breaths.

A black card…

The limited global black card with an enormous credit limit…

No one was going to question how this meal had been bought anymore. Plus, would Yu’an Hotel willingly lose their money? Their speculation just now felt so stupid!

Many were eyeing Qiqi with disgruntled looks now.

It was as if Qiqi was sitting on needles and she couldn’t feel any more awkward. She stepped forward and said, “Um, Captain Yize, that was just a little misunderstanding…”

Sheng Yize looked up and his dark, deep gaze fell on her face. This imposing manner was too much for Qiqi to handle.

With a thump, she fell to the ground in a fluster.

A hush fell over the crowd.

Just then, a delivery guy for the takeaway trotted near and said to An Xiaxia with a smile, “Miss, please call us to collect the dishware after your crew is finished with lunch.”

“Ok. Thank you.” An Xiaxia was overwhelmed by this unexpected favor, thinking that this five-star hotel’s service was indeed exceptional.

The delivery guy bowed and was going to leave when An Xiaxia called out behind him, “Can I have the invoice?”

The guy was taken aback a little. “Of course. A moment, please.”

He ran off and returned a while later, bringing with him a very long invoice.

An Xiaxia heard the cry of her heart — she had expected an invoice one got from small restaurants with a scratch lottery section…

This felt like such a waste… The food was so expensive, but there wasn’t even a scratch card…

Seeing the invoice, Qiqi’s face turned even paler.

This was even more hurtful than a slap to the face!

Sheng Yize eyed An Xiaxia’s sorrowful face and the corner of his mouth twitched as he was struck speechless. He then called her in a low voice. “Come, let’s go home.”

“Oh…” An Xiaxia kept the hurtful look on her face and followed Starry Night into the RV under the silent gazes of the others.

As soon as the four left, the crew erupted and all sorts of gossip began to circulate.

“Oh my god. How much money has Starry Night made all these years? That was a black card!”

“I don’t think just any idol could get one of those. Could they be some rich second generation kids?”

“And, that manager of Li Fanxing’s is such an idiot… Tsk, it’ll do her good to find another one soon.”

Qiqi fled back to the dressing room with a pale face.

Inside, Li Fanxing welcomed her with a smile.

Qiqi shuddered despite herself.

The next greeting Qiqi got was a ferocious slap to the face!

” Smack —”

Tears welled up in her eyes as Qiqi muttered, “Fanxing, I’m sorry. It was all my fault.”

Anger covered Li Fanxing’s pretty, delicate face and she only calmed down after a few deep breaths.

“One more time and you’re out!” Li Fanxing smiled grimly.

“Yes,” replied the tearful Qiqi right away.

Li Fanxing then took out her phone and typed a message.

“Captain Yize, this is Fanxing~ I heard my younger sister is in the same school as you. That’s such a coincidence. I’ll be going to Qixia shortly as well. I hope we’ll get along well. ^_^”