Chapter 119: That’s So Shameful

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In the RV —

Sheng Yize’s phone beeped once.

He swiped it and found an incoming message.

Sheng Yize took a glance and found the words an utter mystery.

An Xiaxia sat the closest to him and saw it in passing. She was excited for some gossip. “Wow, Fanxing? As in Li Fanxing? She’s really popular these days and they even gave her the name ‘Campus Goddess’!”

Sheng Yize gave her an “oh” in reply, deleted the message, and closed his eyes to rest.

The thought of An Xiaxia’s glittering eyes at the mention of Rong Che made him unhappy.

Very unhappy.

Very, very unhappy.

So unhappy that he wanted to teach the girl a good lesson.

“Why aren’t you talking to me? You’re the most annoying type of person to talk to…” mumbled An Xiaxia.

She didn’t get a reply for a long while. Just as she decided to ignore him for good, there came his indifferent voice. “I don’t know who she is or what she’s like. I don’t even recognize the name. How am I supposed to talk to you about her?”

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. “You have such a good memory, how can you not remember her?” Plus, Li Fanxing was so popular!

Chi Yuanfeng chimed in, “That’s true! Brother Yize never remembers those he doesn’t care about.”

“Is that so…” An Xiaxia nodded, still looking a little confused. She suddenly moved closer to Sheng Yize and waved her little hand. “Sheng Yize, do you know who I am?”

“…” Sheng Yize was silent for two seconds, then he opened his eyes and pushed her little head into the back of the seat, scolding her in a low voice, “Dumb people should sleep more and talk less!”

An Xiaxia made a little wailing sound, feeling like a wronged puppy.

He Jiayu looked out the window, the smile on his face a little bitter.

Li Fanxing? He seemed to recall that name.

Didn’t she play the key role in the falling out between Qi Yanxi and Sheng Yize?

Qi Yanxi was still overcome by his hatred, but Sheng Yize… didn’t even remember the name of the heroine.

That was such a pity.

Sunday was rare free time.

An Xiaxia went on an indulgent shopping trip with Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo bought a bunch of comic books and related items, while An Xiaxia bought Rong Che’s new album.

Feeling her empty wallet, An Xiaxia put on a melancholy face. Su Xiaomo, on the other hand, made a proposal in high spirits. “Xiaxia, how would you like to make some money?”

“Very much!” An Xiaxia nodded. After all, no one wanted to live off their parents forever.

Su Xiaomo gave her a wicked smile and whispered in her ear, “Let’s write fanfiction with Rong Che as the beautiful top and Sheng Yize as the tough bottom…”

The description which followed was even more explicit, which made An Xiaxia turn scarlet!

That sounded so brazen!

“Do you know who gave me the idea? Mu Li! She’ll be the planner, I’ll take care of the illustrations, and you write the story. We’ll split the profits. Deal?” Su Xiaomo grinned.

After much hesitation, An Xiaxia abandoned her moral integrity at the financial temptation!

“Deal! I’ll come up with the story asap!”

The two did a cheerful high-five.

During dinner, An Xiaxia was struck by her guilty conscience at the sight of Sheng Yize.

The thought of him showing up in a fan story made An Xiaxia feel more ashamed than ever…

She fled back to her room after a few quick bites of her food.

An Yibei followed her with his eyes and was amazed. “I never thought she could eat that little!”

Papa An smiled amiably.

Sheng Yize frowned.

Why did he find the look which An Xiaxia had given him so fishy?

That woman! She must be hiding something from him!