Chapter 12: Give Your Heart To Him

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Hearing his deep and seductive voice, An Xiaxia felt like her ears were having a eargasm!

How could a man’s voice be so melodious?! Eeeee!

Her heart wouldn’t stop fluttering, but An Xiaxia didn’t lose her rationality. She knew that Sheng Yize was looking for her to repay her debt, so as she followed him out of the classroom, she felt as though she was headed toward the execution ground.

As the pair left, the classroom erupted with gossipy voices –

“God, exactly what is An Xiaxia’s relationship with Captain Yize?”

“I know right, that’s my idol awww! I haven’t even spoken to him yet!”

“Hmph! That bitch An Xiaxia must have hit on Captain Yize first!” said a girl maliciously as she smacked a book on her desk.

Instantly, everyone stared in her direction.

Jian Xin’er didn’t seem to care as she cried, “What are you looking at me for?! Am I not telling the truth?”

A few other girls chimed in. “Yes, that’s right. It must be that shameless An Xiaxia. Why else would Captain Yize talk to her? Bah, she’s so disgusting!”

An Xiaxia didn’t hear their discussion because at that moment, she was trembling in fear with her head lowered as she grasped the skirt of her school uniform, feeling overwhelmed.

Sheng Yize was leaning against a Chinese parasol tree in the school garden. He looked graceful and at ease, and was missing a bit of his usual cold aura; instead, he looked more like a normal lazy youth.

“So how do you intend to pay? Account transfer? Cash? Bank card?” he said nonchalantly.

An Xiaxia raised her head and pitifully asked, “Don’t you have car insurance?”

The insurance company should be paying a portion of it…! She comforted herself in her head.

“It expired.” Sheng Yize’s expression remained unchanged.

“You have such an expensive car and you didn’t buy insurance?”

“I forgot.”

As he expected, the expression of the girl before him went from full of hope to full of resentment. Tears were almost coming out, too.

Sheng Yize felt slightly moved and suddenly didn’t feel like teasing her anymore.

An Xiaxia had tears in her eyes as she counted the numbers off with her fingers. She couldn’t pay off that much by herself while Qiao Mu, that stupid cousin of hers, wouldn’t answer her calls. An Xiaxia didn’t dare to tell her father or older brother…

She felt as though her life had entered a space devoid of hope. In front of her was a wall and behind her was an abyss. She couldn’t advance or retreat.

“Sheng Yize…” She began to speak with her soft voice and sounded on the verge of breaking into tears. “How about you just sell me off?”

At first, Sheng Yize thought she was only joking, but glancing at the seriousness in her expression, he couldn’t resist curling his lips.

This lass is really…

“Kidnapping and human trafficking are illegal,” he calmly replied.

“But, I really can’t afford it…” An Xiaxia nibbled on her fingernails, and suddenly a thought came to mind and she excitedly suggested, “How about I write you an IOU?! After I start work, I’ll slowly repay you~ I’ll even give you interest! You’re a big celebrity so surely you won’t care about this bit of money! Is that okay?”

Sheng Yize froze and was almost about to reply when he suddenly exuded a chilly air again.

She might be the person he was looking for… If he accepted this, heh… how could it be…

He curled his lips in a smile directed at An Xiaxia, then raised a finger and waved it from side to side.

“An Xiaxia, that won’t work.”

An Xiaxia felt like her heart was on a rollercoaster ride as it suddenly dropped into a pit again.

Wanting to cry but with no tears to shed, she mumbled, “Then what do you want…”

“Xiaxia, you could give your heart to him~” A clear, articulate voice rang out, startling An Xiaxia. She turned to look at the person who had spoken.