Chapter 120: Do You Want to See Me Win?

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Under Sheng Yize’s searching gaze that was as sharp as a radar, Xiaxia finished her Rong Che/Sheng Yize fan novella on tenterhooks and passed it to Su Xiaomo.

Thursday arrived soon and the two-day sports meet at Qixia began.

The opening ceremony was the most interesting and most brilliant event at Qixia every year.

Every class was to walk in a square formation around the playground and there was no fixed dress code.

While Class C of Year 1 wore their plain gym suits, other classes let their imagination fly.

Some wore Chinese ancient-style costumes with Jade Emperor and Queen Mother leading the formation, some dressed up like cartoon characters such as Super Mario or Doraemon, and some wore cheongsams and other clothes from the same period. The most imaginative class even released a bunch of balloons when they walked past the rostrum.

An Xiaxia looked up at the balloons rising into the sky, completely unaware of a tall figure that showed up beside her.

The teenager looked very nervous. Clutching two bottles of water tightly, his palms had already gone sweaty. He didn’t know what to say after much hesitation.

An Xiaxia didn’t notice him at all and was going to go back to her class after looking at the balloons.

“Wait!” The boy finally summoned up his courage and called out.

“Hm?” An Xiaxia looked back and saw the blushing teenager. She seemed to faintly recall a name.

“Xiao Yan?” An Xiaxia asked tentatively

Xiao Yan nodded and put the water in her hand with a nervous “Good luck, An Xiaxia! I hope you get a good record!”

After those long-prepared words, Xiao Yan left with pink cheeks without looking back.

Once he was back on the rostrum, Xiao Yan was once again the level-headed and calm president of the student union as he handled everything in perfect order.

Su Xiaomo was playing the peeping Tom in a corner, amazed by the wonderful power of love!

The word around was that Xiao Yan was the perfect guy, apart from the fact that he had never had a girlfriend! He was such an innocent teenager that she never expected to see him blush when talking to An Xiaxia!

Where else could one find such a decent guy?

She was still snickering when she looked around and was taken aback.

A short distance away, Sheng Yize stood with his arms crossed, his face expressionless. A lot of chattering girls surrounded him.

However, his gaze which was as cool as moonlight was fixed on one spot and never shifted.

If Su Xiaomo guessed it right, he was staring at — An Xiaxia…

An Xiaxia returned to Class C with the water and Sheng Yize sneered suddenly. “An Xiaxia, is your stomach all right?”

“I feel fine,” replied An Xiaxia seriously after a thought.

“Good. I thought you would get poisoned!” said Sheng Yize, still sneering.

An Xiaxia was speechless and stood there baffled.

What the heck? Why was he angry again?

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes and offered a sarcastic remark. “And you call me a primary school student. How are you any better? Just admit that you’re jealous…”

Before he could finish talking, the voice of the PE teacher rang out from the rostrum. “Students participating in the men’s 5000-meter run, please come to the racetrack for roll call!”

Sheng Yize darted a look sideways at Qi Yanxi. “Since you have the energy to talk bullshit, how about racing me?”

“Why not!” Qi Yanxi wouldn’t be threatened.

The two marched out. When they walked past An Xiaxia, she called out “good luck” out of politeness.

Two sets of eyes turned to her right away.

“Thank you.”

“Like hell! She said it to me!”

“You simpleton.”


After the well-matched pair finished bickering, Sheng Yize turned to An Xiaxia with a solemn face. “Do you want to see me win?”