Chapter 121: To Win Or to Save Her?

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An Xiaxia was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say.

Kang Jian just happened to emerge from some corner and wrapped his arm around her neck, yelling, “Xiaxia Wifey! I’ll get a golden medal for you!”

“Worthless Kang! Stop calling me your wife!” An Xiaxia struggled with all her might.

Kang Jian chuckled and looked up in passing, only two find two pairs of death beams locked onto him.

Kang Jian released his arm despite himself and An Xiaxia took the opportunity to stay as far away from him as she could.

She then darted a look at Sheng Yize and chewed her lip. “Sheng Yize! Good luck!”

Sheng Yize looked slightly happier now and the tiniest smile showed on his face. He replied with a quiet “hm” before heading toward the racetrack, leaving An Xiaxia behind to follow his tall figure and wide shoulders with her eyes.

The sun shone on his shoulders and the mild autumn wind brushed past him, giving that back of his a majestic and unhurried feeling.

Qi Yanxi’s eyes darkened as he followed suit.

The judge went through the names of all the contestants and arranged them into different groups.

Sheng Yize, Qi Yanxi, and Kang Jian were all in the same group.

At the sound of the starting gun, a few boys took the lead and dashed out. Somehow, An Xiaxia began to feel nervous.

Su Xiaomo went to her side and comforted her. “Don’t worry, the long-distance race is all about endurance. Those who run too fast at the beginning can’t keep it up!”

Indeed, less than 1000 meters into the race, the boys in the lead began to slow down. Those running in the back gradually caught up.

Qixia students usually weren’t fans of long-distance races, for they took so long and were boring to watch. However, today was an exception. Almost all the female students had gathered around the sports field and they chanted in unison, “Come on, Captain Yize! Captain Yize, fighting!”

An Xiaxia watched the dashing figure on the racetrack in his plain sportswear. He kept his face expressionless and his breathing was steady — he was barely sweating at all.

So many people were cheering for Sheng Yize that it greatly affected the morale of the others. Some simply decided to give up and ran slowly at the rear.

Kang Jian gradually took the lead. After all, he wasn’t at Qixia as a sports student for nothing!

Right behind him were Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi.

Blue veins popped on Qi Yanxi’s forehead at the shrieks of the girls and he snapped, “Shut up! You’re all so annoying!”

A few girls standing close to him timidly stopped cheering, while the others shouted even louder.

At this special time, however terrifying the devil of Qixia was rumored to be, he was no match for such a crowd. He had no choice but to grit his teeth and run on among all the hubbub.

Halfway through the match, the first runner and the last were about one lap apart.

Kang Jian adjusted his breathing and ran at an unhurried pace. Behind him, the two followed closely.

When they ran past Class C of Year 1, Sheng Yize accelerated suddenly and overtook Kang Jian. He was first now!

The cheering sounds around the schoolyard could tear the roof off.

Grinding his teeth, Qi Yanxi mustered all his strength and tried to catch up. However, Sheng Yize was on fire and no matter how hard he tried, Sheng Yize was always a few steps quicker then him!

Damn it! After two years, was he still bound by this curse to lose to Sheng Yize in everything?

Sheng Yize kept his first place until the last lap and he ran past Class C again.

Class C was the closest to the steel frame which the banner hung from. Sheng Yize darted a look at An Xiaxia out of habit and the expression on his face changed.

The steel frame swayed at a gust of wind and began to fall!

An Xiaxia was standing right in a spot where she would be crushed by the frame!

Should he save her or take first place?