Chapter 122: Your Crying Face Looks Terrible

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Qi Yanxi noticed it, too. However, he did nothing after a brief hesitation.

In that couple of distracted seconds, he saw Sheng Yize rush toward An Xiaxia at an unbelievable speed, looking as agile as a cheetah running through the woods.

Kang Jian was dashing in the same direction as well, almost bouncing off the ground in anxiety.

Sheng Yize grabbed An Xiaxia’s hand and pulled her into his arms.

The students of Class C had already erupted in screaming. Frightened, An Xiaxia’s face was drained of all color. Before she could react in Sheng Yize’s arms, he swung her around.

Thump —

There was the sound of some heavy object knocking into flesh, followed by the loud clank of metal hitting the ground.

“Aaah—” The girls’ screams rang out one after another, tearing everyone’s eardrums.

Sheng Yize and another boy who had been too late to dodge were the ones who got hit.

Light-headed, An Xiaxia felt like her heart was going to break through her chest. However, the look on Sheng Yize’s face was calm as if nothing had happened.

The other boy was howling unstoppably now and the other students and teachers had gathered around him.

“You little fool! Don’t you know when to dodge?” Sheng Yize scolded her in a low voice, which immediately brought tears to her eyes.

Was she thinking too much? But why did it sound to her like Sheng Yize actually cared for her?

Everything had just happened so fast and she had been in the wrong spot. With people running all over the place, she really hadn’t had time to get out of the way.

Had it not been for Sheng Yize’s timely rescue, she would have been knocked down like that boy!

“Sh– Sheng Yize… are you… alright…” An Xiaxia stammered, on the verge of bursting into tears. She was so afraid that he had suffered some critical injury.

Sheng Yize replied indifferently, “Of course I am. Hey, don’t cry. You know what? An Xiaxia, you look terrible when you cry!”

Kang Jian stood on one side watching their interaction and was completely left out. The look on his face was rather lonely.

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia sniveled. “Are you going to be fine? Did it hit your back or head? Sob , are you going to become a simpleton…”

Sheng Yize was speechless for two seconds, then flicked her forehead with his finger and teased her, “Don’t worry. I will never be as simple as you!”

He turned around and walked off. An Xiaxia shouted after him anxiously, “Where are you going?”

“Back to the race.” Sheng Yize returned to the racetrack after that simple explanation.

Kang Jian gave An Xiaxia an indescribable look and followed suit.

The match didn’t stop because of the accident and Qi Yanxi was in first place now.

Soon, there came the whistle.

Qi Yanxi won the race.

No one made a sound. Qi Yanxi remained expressionless at the judge’s congratulations for winning the race. He only turned in a certain direction with a guilty look in his eyes.

He had chosen to keep running to beat Sheng Yize.

He had now gotten what he wanted. He won. He had won fair and square.

But… why didn’t he feel happy at all…

Sheng Yize was running steadily. However, Kang Jian noticed that he was swaying a little at the bend.

He was injured.

Because they had fallen too far behind, Sheng Yize finally finished seventh and Kang Jian eighth.

Even so, a round of applause still rang across the sports field as people offered Sheng Yize sincere congratulations.

Sheng Yize kept his poker face on and was about to leave when a tiny figure hopped near and shouted readily, “Sheng Yize! You biggest fool! Stop playing cool and go see a doctor now!”