Chapter 123: I Won the World But I Lost You

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A hint of a smile flashed in Sheng Yize’s eyes, but he still put on a disdainful look. “An Xiaxia, you’re so loud.”

An Xiaxia was so anxious that fine sweat covered the tip of her nose and her eyes looked teary. She trotted after Sheng Yize, nagging, “Walk slowly. Do you want some water? Are you dizzy? Does your wound hurt? Ouch… why did you stop so suddenly?!”

Sheng Yize looked at the little thing that had accidentally bumped into his arms, intrigued. He then raised his hand and rubbed her hair. “I told you I’m fine. Stop nagging.”

“That won’t do! What if you have a concussion or some other aftereffect? And, and there could be all kinds of complications!” An Xiaxia listed all kinds of hypotheses in a serious tone. Probably because Papa An was a doctor, she was very sensitive in this aspect.

Plus, she was genuinely worried about Sheng Yize!

A short distance away from them, Qi Yanxi’s face began to darken.

He could see the mild and pleasant look on Sheng Yize’s face.

He didn’t seem to care at all about losing the race.

No, Sheng Yize hadn’t run to beat him in the first place. He had only done it for An Xiaxia, hadn’t he?

Somehow, a line popped into Qi Yanxi’s head: I won the world, but I lost you.

He had won the race, but in the end, he got nothing.

An Xiaxia… would you blame me for that? Qi Yanxi felt as if he had fallen into a strange swamp that he couldn’t crawl out of.

Qi Yanxi had no idea how he left the sports field. He climbed onto the roof of the school building and lay down on the ground as he stared at the white clouds overhead.

Before long, a slim figure sat down beside him, looking up at the sky like he was doing. She was quieter than the dust in the air.

Qi Yanxi darted a look at her and sighed after a prolonged silence. “Mu Li, why are there so many annoying things in this world?”

Sheng Yize was annoying, his old man was annoying, the foul atmosphere of the Qi family was annoying, and what happened to An Xiaxia today was the most annoying of all!

Mu Li reflected seriously upon the question before answering in a tiny voice, “Maybe it’s because this world was never a good place to begin with.”

Qi Yanxi frowned a little at her answer. His casual glance then landed on the bruises on her forearms, and his pupils contracted.

“Where did you get those wounds? Did someone bully you?”

Mu Li turned pale and casually covered the bruises with a smile. “No, I’m fine.”

Some of the wounds were from Jian Xin’er and Li Canxing when they picked on her, while some were from last time when… Qi Yanxi hadn’t come home, for which Aunt Qi had beaten her with a feather duster.

Did it hurt? It should have.

After all, she never seemed to be able to avoid pain.

Sheng Yize let An Xiaxia nag for what seemed like forever before replying unhurriedly, “Mhm, I’m going to the school doctor now, but I feel so dizzy. Why, I couldn’t have been badly injured, could I…”

Sirens were ringing in An Xiaxia’s head and she was overwhelmed by her guilty conscience.

Sob , had it not been for her, Sheng Yize would never have gotten hurt!

She went to support Sheng Yize right away. “Lean on my arm. Sheng Yize, I can’t let anything happen to you! Um, walk slowly. Are you very dizzy…”

Sheng Yize nodded like the upright gentleman he was. “Yes, very.”

He could distinctly feel the little one hold onto him even tighter, the flustered look on her face almost making him snicker.

Such a gullible little thing.

Although… wasn’t what he was doing a little immoral?

Well, since when did morals count for anything here?