Chapter 124: I Will Take Care of You!

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An Xiaxia supported Sheng Yize to the infirmary as if he was suffering from some first degree injury.

The young school doctor from last time looked at Sheng Yize with a knowing expression that said, “I have long figured out what is going on here. Got beaten up for some love triangle thing, did you?”

“Please take your shirt off so that I can examine you. If it’s serious, I’d advise you to go to a proper hospital immediately!” said the school doctor mildly.

Sheng Yize frowned. An Xiaxia thought he was getting shy and prompted, “Take your clothes off!”

Sheng Yize said unhurriedly, “An Xiaxia, where’s your decency? Are you going to stand here and watch me get naked?”

An Xiaxia flushed right away. She then gnashed her teeth and stomped her feet, then ran out of the infirmary bashfully.

Sheng Yize smiled a little. He then took off his sports shirt for the exam. The school doctor said, “It looks alright, just a little bruise. Is there a prickling sensation when I press it?”

Sheng Yize shoot his head. The doctor nodded. “Good. In that case, I’ll prescribe you some ointment and anti-inflammatory drugs. Hm, do you want me to put the ointment on you or leave it to that classmate that brought you here?”

Sheng Yize’s normally indifferent face visibly turned pink.

The image of her taking care of his wounds last time came into his mind again…

Her puckered up face, cool fingers, and warm breath…

Thanks to his amazing self-control, Sheng Yize cut short his reverie almost immediately.

The school doctor noticed the brief fluster in his eyes and snickered to herself.

After the doctor applied the ointment on him, Sheng Yize put his clothes back on, thanked the doctor, and left the infirmary with a bag of medicine.

An Xiaxia was drawing circles on the ground as she crouched down by the flower beds.

She turned around at his footsteps, looking pleasantly surprised, then flushed again when she recalled his words. She chewed her lip and didn’t know what to say.

Sheng Yize found it hard to shift his eyes away from that look on her face.

An Xiaxia stood there sheepishly for a moment before running up to him and asking, “Is it serious? What did the doctor say?”

“Yup, it’s serious. Very serious.” Sheng Yize began to fool around without any hesitation. “An Xiaxia, how are you going to make it up to me?”

The look on An Xiaxia’s face changed immediately as she put on a distressed expression. “You’re not going to become a simpleton, are you… hm, what am I gonna do…”

The muscles on Sheng Yize’s face twitched at her illogical train of thought. What did she mean by simpleton?

“Don’t worry! I won’t give up on you!” An Xiaxia promised, clenching her little fists. “I’ll take care of you!”

Pfft —

This woman never thought the same as normal people!

It seemed like forever before he gritted his teeth and replied, “You better mean it!”

Huh? An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. The next second, Sheng Yize tossed her the bag of medicine. “Hold this for me.”

“You really are badly hurt… you can’t even carry this now…” An Xiaxia talked to herself in a sad voice.

Sheng Yize stumbled on his feet.

The sports meet went on and An Xiaxia went to the women’s standing shot. She left in rapture and came back looking defeated.

She was simply irredeemable in sports. Even with Sheng Yize as her coach, she couldn’t avoid her miserable defeat.

When she came back to Class C, Jian Xin’er was flaunting in a complacent tone, “… Not just anyone is invited to Qi Yanxi’s birthday party. But, my dad got me an invitation.”

The girls around her sighed enviously.

Qi Yanxi might be a fiendish figure, but he was still the heir to the Qi family!

An Xiaxia thought little of it. However, her phone vibrated at that moment and she checked the screen.

The message had a very long caller ID — “Cherish your life and stay away from Qi Yanxi.”

“Sorry about today. Well, you’re invited to my birthday party. Think of it as an apology from me.”