Chapter 125: Our Young Master Has Asked For You!

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What the heck? His birthday?

An Xiaxia didn’t like the man at all and texted him back to decline the invitation. “I’m busy that day. I don’t think I’ll be there.”

Qi Yanxi replied very fast, sounding a little angry, “I haven’t told you when my birthday is and you already know you’re busy that day?”

An Xiaxia was struck dumb for two seconds before forcing out a calm reply. “I’m very busy these days.”

“Are you really not coming?” he pressed.

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say to that and decided to play dumb. She stuffed her phone back into her pocket and wouldn’t text back.

Qi Yanxi lay on the roof and refreshed his phone over and over again. The reply from An Xiaxia never came.

He cursed under his breath and threw his phone away.

Mu Li jumped at this. After realizing what had happened, she went away to fetch his phone and said quietly, “It’s not broken. You can still use it.”

Her humble and submissive gesture irritated Qi Yanxi even further. With a “Just f**king leave me alone,” he stormed off.

Mu Li lowered her head, feeling deserted.

Why would that one person who used to be the closest to her push her further and further away now?

The first day of the sports meet came to an end. An Xiaxia gingerly supported Sheng Yize and walked toward the luxury car a short distance away.

Walking behind them, Chi Yuanfeng couldn’t hold back his sarcasm. “Isn’t Brother Yize healthy as a bull? Equipment on site used to come crashing down on him and he came out without a scratch. Why is he a weakling all of a sudden after that little incident today?”

He Jiayu smiled knowingly. “You’re not jealous, are you? Speaking of which, Xiaxia cares about Yize so much…”

Looking at the harmonious difference in height of the two walking in front, He Jiayu’s pupils seemed to turn darker.

Chi Yuanfeng looked like a hurt puppy and sighed, “I want to have Xiaxia support me, too. Aww, I should bump into a wall myself…”

He Jiayu was speechless.

The following day was a Friday.

The entire school was ecstatic when the sports meet was over. Everyone grabbed their school bags and ran out of school as fast as they could.

An Xiaxia was no exception. She caught up with the latest episode of the new anime series, then sat down in the living room to watch news on the entertainment channel.

She finished watching the news with gusto and the next thing that came up was an advertisement by Rong Che.

“Aww… Rong Che oppa.” Holding her cheeks between her palms, An Xiaxia felt so blissful that pink hearts flew out of her eyes.

Sheng Yize had come downstairs for dinner at that moment and gritted his teeth at this scene.

He sat down next to An Xiaxia and said in a seemingly careless tone, “Ah… I feel so dizzy.”

An Xiaxia’s attention shifted immediately from the TV to him as she asked anxiously, “Are you really that dizzy?”

“Hm.” The fellow was shamelessly playing the weakling.

“Uh… how about let’s go to the hospital and get you checked out?”

“I don’t want to. The paparazzi will come up with some crap story again.”

An Xiaxia bit her fingers. “Dad is not at home these days… I can’t run an exam on you… Anyway, you have to tell me if you don’t feel alright!”

“Ok.” Sheng Yize smiled. There was satisfaction in his eyes over the success of his little trick.

“I want to eat wontons so bad…” sighed Sheng Yize in an exaggerated tone.

An Xiaxia rubbed her head, looking very guilty. “Wait here. I’ll go buy some for you!”

As she trotted out the door, Sheng Yize smiled pleasantly behind her.

Why did it feel so nice to order this little fool about?

An Xiaxia didn’t go very far when a group of men in black suits stopped her.

“Miss An Xiaxia, is it? Our Young Master has asked for you!”