Chapter 126: Kidnapped (1)

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The first idea that came into An Xiaxia’s head was, “Gosh, did I run into human traffickers? They look so professional!”

She backed off tentatively. “Stay away from me. I’m not going with you!”

She secretly dialed 110 on her phone…

The leader of the team adjusted his sunglasses and snatched her phone away with lightning speed!

“Hey! Mhm…” An Xiaxia had no time to care about her phone now. She immediately took to her heels.

Unfortunately, they caught up with her almost immediately and a man roughly covered her mouth, then lifted her into a Cayenne like he was handling a chicken.

“Let go of me! Help! Help!” An Xiaxia bit the man and he released her in pain. She took the opportunity to call out for help.

However, the passers-by only darted indifferent looks at her and no one took any action.

An Xiaxia was going to fight her way out again when the team leader waved his hand and the man she bit nodded. The side of an open hand landed on the back of her neck.

An Xiaxia passed out right away.

Sheng Yize tracked the time at home. Half an episode had passed, but An Xiaxia still wasn’t back.

He dialed An Xiaxia’s number. The call went through, but was immediately cut off.

He dialed again and the phone was switched off.

Sheng Yize began to feel something wasn’t right.

He went into the kitchen where An Yibei was making dinner in a Winnie the Pooh apron. His eyes glinted coldly when he saw Sheng Yize walk in.

This fellow had designs on his dear little sister! Hmph!

“Where does Xiaxia usually go to buy food?” asked Sheng Yize.

An Yibei gripped the chopping knife in his hand a little tighter, and Sheng Yize stepped back instinctively.

Why did he feel that An Yibei was going to chop him up in the next moment…

“What food?” An Yibei gritted his teeth.

Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “Wontons. Could she have gotten lost? I thought I’d go out and look for her.”

An Yibei snorted and told him the name of a street that sold snacks. On second thought, he took off the apron and went along with Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize changed into a hoodie, put on a gauze mask, and went out. The two soon arrived at the street.

An Yibei happened to know the female owner of the wonton stall and went up greet her himself and ask, “Was Xiaxia here today?”

“Oh… you mean your little sister, that lovely girl?” said the smiling female owner. “Nah, she wasn’t here.”

The look on An Yibei’s face changed. He then dialed An Xiaxia’s number and was told the phone was switched off.

He exchanged a look with Sheng Yize as they both realized something was wrong.

Sheng Yize made a phone call right away to send people out to search for An Xiaxia, while An Yibei called an old classmate working in a telecommunications company.

Before long, the classmate sent him a picture of An Xiaxia’s recent call log.

The last number dialed was 110!

This wasn’t good! An Xiaxia had to be in danger!

When An Xiaxia woke up again, she felt a burning pain on the back of her neck.

These goddamn human traffickers! As if kidnapping her wasn’t enough, they had to hit her!

Rubbing her neck, she sat up.

She was lying on a soft bed which was so comfortable that she wanted to roll around on it.

Wait… did human traffickers treat their goods so nicely these days?

Looking around, she was astonished by the room’s decor.

It was simple yet luxurious. The clean and neat interior design mainly consisted of black, white, and gray. The masculinity of it reminded her of a teenage boy’s room.

This must be some super rich human trafficker…

Looking down at herself, An Xiaxia was even more baffled.

Who had changed her into a little black dress?