Chapter 127: Kidnapped (2)

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It was mid-October already and An Xiaxia had to put a jacket on over her school uniform. She would never wear something so thin.

Moreover, the dress was finely made and felt very comfortable. She could tell with a glance that it was something she would never be able to afford…

She jumped off the bed and found two pairs of shoes.

They were a pair of pumps and a pair of flats. Both were very pretty and both black.

An Xiaxia stepped into the flats. She thought she could look around and see if she could run away.

She tried the door, but it was tightly locked. She had no choice but to turn to the other way out — the balcony.

The balcony was spacious and enclosed by a white fence. There were also a few potted green plants.

An Xiaxia stood on her tiptoes and saw that she was not very high up. The room was on the second floor only and below was a large stretch of lawn.

Well, she should be fine jumping down. An Xiaxia, you can do this!

She maneuvered herself onto the edge, but before she could jump, her legs almost gave way at a deep voice. “Miss An, please go back into the room and wait for Young Master there.”

She looked around in a fluster and was scared out of her wits.

On the next balcony was a man in a black suit. He was almost undetectable standing in the shade.

“Hehe… The weather is so nice outside and I’m just here for the view…” An Xiaxia forced out a smile, trying to jump off when the man wasn’t looking.

However, the man’s next move was beyond her imagination. He leapt easily onto her balcony and dragged her off the fence.

“Mhm… That hurt! Let go of me!” The man held her by the shoulder, his grip so hard that it was crushing her bones.

“Miss An, please wait for Young Master back in the room,” said the man politely.

An Xiaxia snapped. “Like hell! You human traffickers are abominable! Ah… go easy on me…” Feeling the man’s grip tighten, An Xiaxia recalled the survival strategies she read online, which mentioned not to antagonize the kidnappers. She switched to a smiling face right away. “Alright, I’ll wait, I’ll wait. Oh boy, can you let go of me first? Your grip is so tight that I think my bones are cracking…”

Hearing this, the man paused a little and loosened his grip.

An Xiaxia took the opportunity and tried to make a run for it again!

This time, the man mercilessly swung her over his shoulder and wouldn’t release her no matter how An Xiaxia kicked or screamed.

He then tossed An Xiaxia onto the bed — she swore she saw stars at the impact and quietly cursed his entire family in her head.

Just then, the door was pushed open.

An Xiaxia saw a pair of shiny leather shoes, long legs wrapped in black suit pants, and… a handsome face that she least wanted to see at this moment.

“Qi Yanxi?!” An Xiaxia was completely at a loss.

What was Qi Yanxi doing here?

Qi Yanxi loosened his tie, the corner of his mouth twitching a little at the chaotic state of the room.

The woman simply wouldn’t stay put.

“Leave us,” he ordered the man.

The man nodded and left the room quietly.

An Xiaxia jumped off the bed and stared at him in disbelief. “Why are you here? Were you kidnapped, too?”

However, with his nice suit and great hairstyle, he couldn’t look more elegant.

Her mouth fell open as she voiced her suspicion aloud. “It can’t be. You’re not my kidnapper, are you?”

Qi Yanxi frowned, apparently not happy about her choice of words.

“What do you mean by kidnapping? It was an invitation!” said Qi Yanxi impatiently. He then added awkwardly, “Hm… you do look very nice in that dress.”