Chapter 128: Do You Like This Answer? (1)

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“I want to go home!” An Xiaxia was overwhelmed with grievance and didn’t want to hear anything he said.

How could he do this!

She was almost frightened to death, not to mention his manner was so overbearing!

Qi Yanxi’s face darkened.

He had sincerely invited her here to attend his birthday party and prepared this dress for her. Not only did she refuse to thank him, she was going to leave?

“An Xiaxia, are you playing hard to get with me?” he roared grumpily.

An Xiaxia was so frustrated that she thought she could burst with anger. She pushed him aside and ran out of the room.

The corridor outside was very long and it took her forever to find a staircase. She walked down it without a second thought.

She regretted that choice halfway down the stairs.

The stairs seemed to lead to a lobby below, which was brightly lit and filled with activity. Countless men and women in finery walked to and fro in the lobby exchanging toasts. She was struck dumb by the scene.

Someone below noticed her and whispers soon spread across the lobby. All eyes were soon were fixed on An Xiaxia standing on the stairs!

The new Chanel dress wrapped around her slight teenage curves. Her long black hair hung low to her waist, framing her delicate features. Her eyes were as bright as autumn pools, which were now glistening.

The most shocking of all was her disheveled hair and the red mark on her shoulders.

Gosh… They had heard the rumor that the second son of the Qi family was a violent maniac. Never could they have guessed that he was equally wild in that aspect as well!

Seeing her coming down from upstairs, the crowd had naturally taken her to be Qi Yanxi’s girlfriend. A lot of people began to titter knowingly.

An Xiaxia could neither go forward or go back. Standing there, she felt her head had gone blank.

“You idiot!” Qi Yanxi’s low cursing voice rang out behind her. He boorishly grabbed An Xiaxia by her wrist and dragged her toward the door.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and whispered, “Qi Yanxi, what on earth are you doing?”

Qi Yanxi’s handsome face looked rigid and the hostile air he was giving off caused everyone to make way for him.

Mu Li stood in a corner and felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of the two of them together.

Qi Yanxi dragged An Xiaxia to the swimming pool in the manor, where An Xiaxia couldn’t take it anymore and ditched his hand. “Qi Yanxi! Are you nuts? Why did you kidnap me to your home?”

Qi Yanxi clenched his fists, then loosened them. He repeated this motion a few times before squeezing out the words between his teeth. “Today is my birthday.”

“So what? I told you I didn’t want to come!” An Xiaxia lost her temper completely. “Qi Yanxi, who are you to order people around as you please? Do you have any idea how annoying that feels?”

Qi Yanxi’s breathing turned heavy as he tried to fight back his rage. “Since you already hate me so much, wouldn’t it be a waste if I don’t do something to really annoy you?”

An Xiaxia was taken aback by this and turned her head away. “Give me back my phone. I’m leaving.”

Qi Yanxi smiled as he took her phone out of his pocket. However, the moment before he put it back into her palm, he threw it into the water.

The phone made a perfect curve in the air before falling into the swimming pool.

An Xiaxia watched with an open mouth. Tears then welled up in her eyes as all words failed her.

Papa An had bought her that phone when she made it into Qixia and she cherished it.

Qi Yanxi made her drop the phone when he smashed her with a basketball last time, and he had just thrown it into a swimming pool!

She couldn’t and wouldn’t take it anymore!

With a strength An Xiaxia didn’t know she had, An Xiaxia bumped her little head into Qi Yanxi. With a surprised look on his face, Qi Yanxi fell into the water!