Chapter 129: Do You Like This Answer? (2)

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Qi Yanxi didn’t see it coming. With a loud splash, he fell straight into the pool!

He resurfaced soon enough with a murderous look on his face.

As he swiftly climbed out of the pool, water dripped from his wet clothes. However, that didn’t weaken his roguish and domineering attitude.

An Xiaxia stepped back despite herself, while Qi Yanxi pressed on toward her like a beast closing in on its prey.

He held An Xiaxia by the back of her head and under her astonished gaze, he pressed his mouth forcibly to hers.

Flop —

There was another splashing sound and Qi Yanxi fell into the pool again before his lips touched hers!

An Xiaxia looked at the newcomer in shock.

Sheng Yize stood there expressionless in his suit, the air he gave off as cold as the moon above their heads; his black pupils flickered with suppressed anger.

It was his decisive kick that had landed Qi Yanxi back in the pool!

“WTF!” Qi Yanxi lifted his head out of the water and was going ballistic.

Sheng Yize turned around and looked down at him. “Qi Yanxi, have you forgotten what I told you two years ago? Don’t mess with me.”

Qi Yanxi sneered. “What? Kissing An Xiaxia is messing with you now? Who is she to you? A toy, a mistress, or a girlfriend?”

Sheng Yize didn’t reply. He only took off his jacket calmly, put it over An Xiaxia’s shoulders, and asked courteously, “Were you hurt?”

An Xiaxia was on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the successive shocks. She shook her head in utter bewilderment.

The next second, her hand was wrapped in a warm palm.

He took her away unhurriedly in his perfect suit. From beginning to end, Qi Yanxi was the only one who looked ridiculous.

It was a long while before the bad-tempered second son of the Qi family swam out of the pool. Instead of lashing out, he only looked up at the crescent moon with a sad face.

“Why is it so difficult to get a ‘happy birthday’ from you?”

The Porsche drove smoothly home.

An Xiaxia hesitated for a long time before asking, “Sheng Yize, how did you know I was there?”

The teenager sitting next to her didn’t answer. She stole a glance at him and realized that the look on his face was beyond livid.

He was wearing a dark shirt with his tie hanging loose around the collar. The top two buttons were undone, revealing the pretty collarbones that would make even women envious.

Sensing An Xiaxia’s glance, he gave her a sideways look and the dark pupils landed on the girl, making her shiver a little.

He blinked, but didn’t speak.

For some unknown reason, An Xiaxia suddenly felt very nervous and she tried to make a joke out of it. “Hehe… I thought I’d been kidnapped. I never expected it to be that Qi Yanxi’s prank. That primary school student is so childish… Isn’t he turning 18 today? He’s still acting like a kid…”

An Xiaxia was the one doing all the talking in the car and she thought she was going to die from embarrassment soon. Finally, she asked the question that had been nagging her.

“Why did you come to save me?”

Sheng Yize’s thin lips moved. “Do you want to know the answer?”

“Hm? Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded.

In the dim light of the car, she saw that Sheng Yize’s eyes were as bright as stars, which reminded her of the resplendent starry night. That little mole below his eye also had an indescribable charm to it.

It was only when his lips landed on hers that An Xiaxia came back to herself.

Gosh! Was Sheng Yize kissing her?

Wait. Why was Sheng Yize kissing her?

The teenager’s deep and husky voice rang out by her ear.

“Do you like this answer?”