Chapter 13: Your Darling Will Get Revenge For You!

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Chi Yuanfeng walked over with a smile and put a hand on Sheng Yize’s shoulder as he said, “Flirting with girls so early in the morning and you didn’t even bring me!”

Sheng Yize furrowed his brow. “It’s not what you think.”

A glimmer of glee appeared on Chi Yuanfeng’s handsome face. “Ah~ Is that so~”

An Xiaxia looked at him and couldn’t suppress her inner fangirl anymore as she smiled.

Even though she was an anti-fan of the group Starry Night, every time the trio appeared on television, she couldn’t resist letting go of her hatred temporarily to admire the handsome men.

Amongst the three, her favorite was Chi Yuanfeng, who was wickedly handsome for a youth and with a natural loveliness that had helped create his vast fanbase.

He waved at An Xiaxia. “Hi, nice to meet you, Xiaxia.”

An Xiaxia’s excited face flushed pink as she replied, “Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.”

Sheng Yize observed the pair’s interaction and furrowed his brow before beckoning Xiaxia over with his finger.

An Xiaxia moved closer without putting up a fight.

“I’ll give you two options. One, you give me back all the money by the end of today. Two, you fulfill a condition of mine and I’ll consider us even and you won’t have to pay even a dime.”

An Xiaxia’s face lit up and she was about to choose option two right away when Chi Yuanfeng smiled at her with a most beautiful smile and advised, “Think about it carefully~”

His light yet deeply beautiful voice was like a pan of cold water splashing over An Xiaxia and jerking her back to reality.

She widened her eyes, the cogs in her brain spinning as she began to understand.

That’s right… If she were to choose option two, would it really be that simple?

Of course not, the trade would at least still be of the same value.

That much money… What kind of terrifying condition would it be? An Xiaxia’s brain began to fill the gaps, thinking of those news where celebrities slept with their fans. She quickly covered her chest and angrily yelled at Sheng Yize, “You pervert! Hmph! I won’t agree!”

The declaration of chastity and honor made Sheng Yize speechless. The corner of his lips twitched as he replied, “What kind of person do you think I am?”

An Xiaxia realized what she was suggesting and awkwardly put down her hands, then asked tentatively, “Can I think about it?”

“Of course.” Sheng Yize nodded with yet another smile.

His smile was like the warm breeze of April, stunning time and warming theyears 1 with such beauty that the soul would feel moved.

However, An Xiaxia shivered.

Why did she feel… like it was a devil’s smile?

She couldn’t afford to provoke him, so it would be better to hide first!

She lifted her skirt out of her way as she frantically ran back toward the classroom.

Behind her, Sheng Yize put away his smile and reverted back to his icy idol expression as Chi Yuanfeng murmured, “So that girl is the person you’ve been looking for?”

Sheng Yize blandly replied, “Since when did you become this nosy?”

With this, he put one hand in his pocket and followed suit in the direction of An Xiaxia’s retreating back as she ran toward the classroom.

Chi Yuanfeng rubbed his nose and said to himself, “It’s just that you’re acting so strange… I never thought I’d live to see Sheng Yize care about a girl. Gee, it seems that the upcoming days might be really interesting. Hehe, since it’ll be so lively, I’ll definitely join in on the fun!”

An Xiaxia looked distressed as she returned to her seat. She even declined a grilled sausage which Kang Jian handed to her.

Kang Jian asked, “Hey, Dummy Xia, what’s with you?”

“Worthless Kang, leave me alone!” An Xiaxia said unhappily.

Kang Jian was dumbfounded. In his memory, An Xiaxia was always a happy optimist; even when she encountered something troubling, once she looked at her favorite celebrities, she would become revitalized.

But today…

“I know! Was that Sheng Yize bullying you? Just wait, your darling will get revenge for you!”