Chapter 131: Don’t You Still Have Me? (1)

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An Yibei looked back and for the first time measured the teenager seriously with his eyes.

Despite the indifferent look in his eyes, there was a persistence in them.

An unquestionable persistence.

He chuckled. “I hope not. It better not be. You’re still so young and should focus on your studies. All this fondness is pointless.”

Sheng Yize chuckled.

“Plus, you might like her now. How about in a month’s time? Or in a year? Three years? Don’t make promises so easily. They’ll become words you’ll regret one day.”

“Who can say for sure about things in the future?” retorted Sheng Yize calmly.

“In that case — let’s wait and see.”

The next day.

Sleep bypassed An Xiaxia and she lay awake in bed until the following morning.

Lying on her stomach, she stared at the cloudless sky outside.

The bright light was dazzling and her eyes turned bleary. Somehow, Sheng Yize’s face emerged out of thin air.

The thought of his kiss, his smile, and his “do you like this answer?” all made An Xiaxia blush involuntarily.

So why on earth did he have to kiss her?!

Was he making fun of her? Or… did he really like her?

An Xiaxia was inclined to believe the former, for she found it highly unlikely that someone as exceptional as Sheng Yize would fall for her.

Sob … It had to be like one of those novels with Sheng Yize as the vicious bad guy. He was deliberately hitting on her because she couldn’t pay back her debt. He would then mercilessly dump her after she fell in love with him!

Yes, that must be it!

An Xiaxia reasoned in her head and kept brainwashing herself.

Wake up. Princes didn’t fall for Cinderellas in real life.

The moon would not circle around the earth forever.

Sheng Yize was never going to like An Xiaxia!

And she had to be 100% loyal to Rong Che oppa!

Buzz —

The vibration from her phone interrupted An Xiaxia’s wild imagination. Picking it up, she saw that it was from Chi Yuanfeng.

“Xiaxia, why are you still not downstairs? We have a scene to shoot today!”

Um, she really had forgotten all about it!

An Xiaxia rushed to wash her face with a question in her head. Wasn’t it Sheng Yize’s job to press her like a vicious landowner? Why was he ignoring her?

It seemed her speculation was real. Sheng Yize was simply playing with her. T_T

An Xiaxia went downstairs and got into the RV — it was a process she had gotten so used to.

However, Sheng Yize was in the passenger’s seat today, with only Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu in the back.

An Xiaxia looked a little hurt. Why did she have the feeling that Sheng Yize was avoiding her on purpose?

He must have regretted what he said and was despising her again!

Moping, she sat down next to Chi Yuanfeng, who turned pink behind his ears. He then tried to strike up a conversation with An Xiaxia.

“Xiaxia, did you sleep well last night?”


“Um, have you eaten?”


“Um, I have some bread. Do you want it?”


Sitting in the front, Sheng Yize frowned a little at their conversation.

After much nagging, Chi Yuanfeng finally got An Xiaxia to take the bread. After a few bites, she went back to that position of looking up at the sky in a daze.

Chi Yuanfeng looked searchingly at He Jiayu for help, who smiled knowingly and mouthed, “Must be a quarrel.”

It dawned on Chi Yuanfeng right away.

No wonder Brother Yize had been acting weird since yesterday. So the two were fighting again!

When they got to the site, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng went to shoot their scenes first, leaving An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize resting on the side. The two wouldn’t look at each other and they were surrounded by an air of embarrassment.

Li Fanxing happened to make her appearance at this unfortunate moment.