Chapter 132: Don’t You Still Have Me? (2)

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“Captain Yize, do you remember me?” Li Fanxing smiled brightly.

An Xiaxia darted a look at her involuntarily and saw a very pretty young woman. She had delicate eyebrows, an elegant nose, and a dainty little mouth. She moved with an air of a young lady from a respectable family.

The only flaw was that she was wearing too much makeup.

An Xiaxia remembered a “Campus Goddess” contest on Weibo a while ago when Li Fanxing had won the title with a collection of portrait photos, in which she looked as stunning as a fairy.

Now that she had seen her in real person up close, the young woman didn’t look as impressive.

Sheng Yize nodded at her as a sort of greeting, but showed no intention to talk to her. Instead, his eyes kept darting toward An Xiaxia.

That little fool was actually avoiding him!

Was he that terrifying?!

Li Fanxing didn’t seem to mind the cold shoulder and kept her sweet smile. “My younger sister is in your school as well. I heard you’re the prince of the school! Hehe, I see the spotlight follows you wherever you go.”

Sheng Yize frowned. “Your sister?”

“Yes, I have a younger sister. Her name is Li Canxing.”

“Oh,” replied Sheng Yize nonchalantly. An Xiaxia received the news with a surprised look.

No wonder she thought Li Fanxing looked familiar. So, she was Li Canxing’s older sister!

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng had returned — they didn’t have too big a part to play today.

“Brother, it’s your turn,” reminded Chi Yuanfeng.

Sheng Yize nodded, rose to his feet, and stood up. But he immediately looked back and instructed An Xiaxia, “Don’t go anywhere and don’t make any trouble. Got it?”

An Xiaxia nodded reluctantly with a pout.

Not only was he avoiding her, he was also scolding her. There’s no way he liked her.

Li Fanxing gritted her teeth. Her hands clenched into fists under her wide sleeves. Her pointy fingernails bit into her palms with a sharp pain.

However, she kept her smile no matter what and even talked amiably with An Xiaxia.

“You sound quite close to Yize. Are you his girlfriend?” asked Li Fanxing.

An Xiaxia blushed right away and shook her head repeatedly. She denied affirmatively, “Of course not!”

She then thought her tone inappropriate and explained awkwardly, “We’re just classmates.”

“You’re from Qixia as well?” Li Fanxing was a little surprised when An Xiaxia nodded.

“Is that so…” Li Fanxing pondered for a moment and suddenly asked with a smile, “Well, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Qiqi is on sick leave today and no one is with me.”

Actually, she was the one who had told Qiqi not to show up.

An Xiaxia knew that actresses on site usually had a lot to take care of with their costume, makeup, and hair, so Li Fanxing would have a hard time with no assistant around. She agreed good-naturedly after some thought.

Moreover, she found Li Fanxing much nicer than Li Canxing. If the latter was a dark angel, then Li Fanxing must be the purest angel of all!

“Thank you so much.” Li Fanxing put her palms together and looked sincerely grateful.

No one noticed the sinister light that flickered in her eyes.

Li Fanxing was playing Immortal Changrong’s beloved pupil — Yeyuan.

Yeyuan was the youngest daughter of the Celestial Emperor and his favorite. Yehuan was her older brother.

The set for the shoot was an attic which resembled the buildings of the river towns of the south. It was a scene in which Yeyuan gave her master a token of love out of adoration.

“Xiaxia, could you pass me my script?” asked Li Fanxing with a smile.

An Xiaxia went to fetch the script right away. When she handed to Li Fanxing, the latter suddenly swayed a little. An exquisite earring dropped into the water.