Chapter 133: Don’t You Still Have Me? (3)

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While no one else realized what had happened, the stylist nearby cried out, “Fanxing’s earrings are sponsored! They’re antique pieces we rented from a museum! That girl over there, what do you think you’re doing? Why did you bump into Fanxing?”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. She never even touched Li Fanxing. How did it become her fault?

Li Fanxing looked very sorry. “It’s all right. Xiaxia didn’t mean to… It’s all my fault…”

Rong Che stood very close to them and frowned a little at this. However, it was not his place to say anything.

But he had roughly figured out that An Xiaxia might have displeased Li Fanxing somehow, or the latter wouldn’t have come up with such a malicious scheme straight away.

He actually looked forward to the little girl’s reaction.

The assistant director was speechless. The plan was that they would start shooting over here after Sheng Yize’s scene was done. But what did he hear? That expensive earring had fallen into the water!

Forget about the next scene. They had to get the earring out first!

“Attention to all departments! We’ll keep this scene on hold and the priority now is to get that earring out! A certain freeloader, I don’t mind you eating off our table here, but could you not make any more trouble for us? Get your ass out of here!”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes and she stood there, utterly flustered.

All the staff members gave her a murderous glare before jumping into the water to search for the earring.

An Xiaxia had always had a phobia of water and had to take a few deep breaths before going in.

Luckily, the water was only up to her knee. But the earring was too tiny a target to find in this much water.

It was basically a needle in a haystack.

Li Fanxing looked at the soaking wet An Xiaxia and her sorry state, then went back to get some rest, utterly pleased.

Of course she wasn’t going to pity An Xiaxia.

She was in the same school as Sheng Yize, followed him here, and looked so close with him. Like hell she was going to believe there was nothing going on between them!

Hence, she had it coming!

Sheng Yize wasn’t in his best condition today.

He happened to be acting opposite another newbie today and the two did retakes of a simple scene over a dozen times. The director was running out of patience.

“Sheng Yize! Stay focused!”

“Huang Qi, have you memorized your lines or not? You got it wrong again!”

“Cut, cut, cut! Are you two doing it on purpose?”


Huang Qi was in a flurry. He didn’t want to be nervous, but Sheng Yize kept staring at him with this keen look and he would get nervous, then forget how to act!

Was Sheng Yize in love? Otherwise why would he act like that…

When they finally made it through the scene, it was after four o’clock in the afternoon.

The director stopped Sheng Yize to talk to him. “I know you’re all still students, but it’ll be better if you catch up with the entire crew’s schedule. How about you make time for a week and we can shoot the scenes for the three of you together?”

“All right.” Sheng Yize nodded as he scanned the site, apparently looking for someone.

The director knew that look too well and grinned right away. “Why? Got a girlfriend? Ha, it’s so good to be young…”

Before Sheng Yize could reply, the assistant director rushed toward them and said angrily, “Director Zhang, what now? The jewelry the costume team rented for Fanxing fell into the water. We’ve been searching for four hours and still haven’t found it!”

“What happened?” The director frowned.

“That junior assistant of Starry Night did it!” The assistant director glared at Sheng Yize. “What now, Sheng Yize? Are you going to pay or go search for it yourself?”

The look in Sheng Yize’s eyes turned cold and he asked in his deep voice, “So where is she now?”

“In the water looking for the earring, of course! Let me tell you this…” Before he could finish the sentence, Sheng Yize was walking away with large strides!