Chapter 134: Don’t You Still Have Me? (4)

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When Sheng Yize arrived at the scene, An Xiaxia was still searching for that earring in the water.

All the staff were exhausted and were complaining on the bank while taking a break.

“It’s all that girl’s fault. The water is so chilly. What if I catch a cold…”

“I say, don’t talk about her like that. She’s new here and doesn’t know what’s what yet. Plus, she’s been looking for it the whole time. The cold water is making her so pale…” A clap-stick guy tried to say a few nice words on An Xiaxia’s behalf, but was immediately met with retorts from everyone else.

“So what if she’s new? It’s her fault and that’s it!”

“It’ll do her good to freeze down there. She can’t afford to pay back the money anyway!”

“Tch, she’s so clumsy. I don’t know why Starry Night brought her here. To embarrass themselves?”

The crowd guffawed.

Sheng Yize clenched his fists and gave off a sombre air.

As that air spread out from him, someone felt the change in the atmosphere. Looking up, they saw Sheng Yize’s infuriated face.

“Shush… Sheng Yize’s here…” The crowd stopped talking right away.

Sheng Yize lifted the lower hem of his gown and looked at An Xiaxia, who was still searching attentively in the water. She had probably cried, for her red-rimmed eyes reminded him of a rabbit. However, she pursed her lips stubbornly and wouldn’t let the others see her weakness.

Seeing An Xiaxia like this made his heart ache and it was killing him.

How could they put someone he liked through this?

“An Xiaxia, get up here!” he ordered in his deep voice.

Hearing his voice, An Xiaxia looked back in surprise. Her eyes were so flustered and watery that he was sure tears were going to roll down her cheeks with a single blink.

After much hesitation, she said gingerly, “Sorry…”

Sheng Yize gnashed his teeth. That little fool! She didn’t have to apologize to him!

“Cut the crap! Come up!” He gave his hand to An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia shoot her head and said in a flurry, “But I still haven’t found… I– I…”

She didn’t want to make any more trouble for Sheng Yize, let alone a trouble as big as this one.

He hated her so much and had told her not to go to him for help no matter what.

How could she go to him? Who was she to him to do that?

She had found nothing after being in the cold water for this long, but her head was much clearer now.

She realized Li Fanxing had done it on purpose, but she didn’t have proof.

Everyone thought she had done it, so she had no choice but to take the fall.

Moreover, subconsciously, she never wanted Sheng Yize to see her like this…

Seeing how sorry she looked shivering like a drowned rat, Sheng Yize couldn’t stand it any more. He went into the water, grabbed An Xiaxia by the arm, and lifted her up in both arms.

The crowd watched their interaction in excitement. Someone even tried to snap a picture of the two, but was stopped by the director arriving at the scene.

“What are you doing all standing around? Since it has already happened, we have to find a way to solve it. How is it going to help us by blaming it all on a teenage girl?” the director reprimanded in a harsh tone. Since he was a much revered figure in the crew, everyone hushed up right away.

“You fool! So what if you can’t find it? It’s not worth crying over!” Sheng Yize scolded in a low voice.

An Xiaxia held onto his clothes timidly. “But they said it was so expensive… that I can’t afford to pay it back even if I sold myself.” She then saw all the mud under her fingernails and drew her hands back sheepishly for fear of smearing his clothes.

“So what if you can’t afford it? Don’t you still have me?” Blue veins bulged on Sheng Yize’s forehead as he scolded, “Why did your hands let go? Do you think it’s an easy job carrying someone? Hold tight!”