Chapter 135: I Thought You Would Call Me An Idiot (1)

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An Xiaxia shuddered at his words and held tightly onto him right away.

Sheng Yize went up to the director and gave a promise with an expressionless face. “Sorry for causing all this trouble. I’ll handle it.”

The director nodded and said gently, “Don’t worry too much about it. Your scenes are finished for today. You can clock off early.”

Sheng Yize bid him farewell and went away carrying An Xiaxia in his arms.

Before they left, the director darted a look at the girl in his arms and sighed despite himself.

In “The Tale of the Banished Immortal,” the teenager Yehuan was the favored child and the son whom the Celestial Emperor was most proud of.

However, later in the drama, Yehuan succumbed to his love for a woman, leading him to kill gods and demons alike and to wipe out the netherworld. Eventually, Immortal Changrong had to suppress him and lock him up in Sky-Reaching Tower to put everything right.

That was probably what people meant by “even heroes fell for beauties.”

Lu Ke made time to visit Starry Night on site and was scolding Chi Yuanfeng for gaining weight again when Sheng Yize came back with a black face and a girl in his arms.

Her face was immediately darker than his.

Seeing that Lu Ke was here, Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow and went up to her. “Sis Ke, please find her some clothes.”

Lu Ke’s condemnation was cut off halfway while Sheng Yize kept his face completely casual and calm, as if he had no idea what an astonishing thing he had just done.

“Sheng Yize, oh no, Young Master Sheng, you really are something!” When she couldn’t fight back her anger anymore and was going to lash out, she was stopped once more by An Xiaxia’s three successive sneezes.

Seeing An Xiaxia’s pale little face and soaking wet clothes, Lu Ke couldn’t lash out even if she wanted to. She then trotted off in her high heels to find An Xiaxia some clothes.

Sheng Yize knew her too well — Sis Ke’s bark was worse than her bite. Given An Xiaxia’s pitiful state, how could Sis Ke get angrier?

While An Xiaxia went into the RV to change her clothes, Lu Ke dragged Sheng Yize to a quiet corner and gave him absolute hell.

“Tell me, are you completely out of your mind? What got into your head to make you think it’s okay to carry a girl around in front of a whole crew? Do you have any idea what it means? Do you want to be in the headlines? You’re nuts!”

Sheng Yize crossed his arms and replied calmly, “Isn’t that what you want? How will an idol become popular without getting into the headlines?”

Sis Ke almost choked on those words. Patting her own chest, she said, “Someone up there must hate me. You little brat! You’re trying to give me a stroke, aren’t you?”

Sheng Yize chuckled, patted her on the shoulder, and walked away.

He dialed two numbers to sort everything out before returning to the RV.

An Xiaxia had changed into dry clothes, but they weren’t the right size for her. Wrapped inside the loose sweater, she looked even tinier and more vulnerable.

She was warming her hands with the hot milk tea Chi Yuanfeng had bought her. Seeing Sheng Yize enter, she huddled into a corner, looking frightened.

Chi Yuanfeng was about to enter as well when He Jiayu pulled him back.

“Waaa! I’m going home with Xiaxia! Don’t stop me…” He sniveled with grievance.

Despite his harmless smile, He Jiayu had an iron grip. “The third wheel is not welcome there.”

Chi Yuanfeng: T_T

In the RV.

It seemed like forever before Sheng Yize finally said in a cold voice, “An Xiaxia, you little fool. How long were you going to stay in the water if I hadn’t come to get you?”

An Xiaxia sniffled and looked at him sheepishly.

Sheng Yize took out a tissue and wiped her nose in a boorish manner.

“That hurts…” mumbled An Xiaxia.