Chapter 137: Idol Sheng Is Shopping For Pads

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“An Xiaxia, you’re getting smarter, are you? You’re playing possum now?” Sheng Yize bellowed at her, looking grim. An Xiaxia could barely stand now and almost collapsed to the floor.

Sheng Yize then realized something wasn’t right and caught her in his arms.

An Xiaxia’s lips were colorless and her black hair was soon soaked with sweat. She kept her hands on her belly and wouldn’t let go.

Sheng Yize carried her to her bed right away, and An Xiaxia grabbed her duvet in her arms and huddled inside it.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Sheng Yize sounded flustered as all kinds of possibilities ran through his head. Was it appendicitis? Pneumonia? Gastrosis?

An Xiaxia sobbed, “No…”

“Then why are you crying!” Sheng Yize snapped, at which An Xiaxia sobbed even louder.

“Don’t cry. I’ll call 120 and the doctors will be here soon.” Sheng Yize caressed her hair to comfort her.

A pair of small hands held onto his big hand. “I’m not sick. It’s, it’s that time of the month…” She didn’t usually get cramps, but she had been in cold water for too long and it had gotten quite severe.

Sheng Yize was confused for two seconds before his head went blank.

After all, he had taken health education classes before. Sheng Yize cleared his throat in embarrassment and hung up.


An Xiaxia nodded.

Sheng Yize let out a breath of relief. “Where are your things? Let me carry you to the bathroom.”

An Xiaxia blushed and pointed at a drawer in the room.

Sheng Yize opened the drawer and found it empty.

To An Xiaxia, that news was a thunderbolt out of a clear sky.

She had run out?!

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Resigned, Sheng Yize tucked An Xiaxia in and headed out to the supermarket after telling her, “Wait here.”

Even with the protection of his cap and gauze mask, Sheng Yize still felt hopeless when he saw the long shelves of pads in the supermarket.

Moreover, he forgot to ask An Xiaxia which brand she normally used…

As a last resort, he threw a pack of every brand of pads into his shopping cart.

Remembering what he had found online just then, he also went to get some brown sugar and electric handwarmers. When he got to the checkout counter with the cartful of stuff, the young female cashier looked a little disturbed.

“Um, Sir, are you taking all of these?”

“Yes.” He fought to keep his poise.

The cashier forced a smile and bagged everything for him.

Sheng Yize hurried back home with a gigantic bag.

An Xiaxia had crawled out of bed and was half kneeling on the floor, trying to take some painkillers, when Sheng Yize returned with the huge shopping bag.

Seeing the pills in her hand, Sheng Yize went up to her hastily and asked with a grim face, “What are you taking?”

“Some painkillers…” An Xiaxia replied sheepishly.

Sheng Yize moved closer and saw that the description on the box talked about some major side effects. He frowned and snatched the pills away from her hand.

“You call yourself a doctor’s daughter? Don’t you know you can’t just take any random medicine?”

Of course An Xiaxia knew that, but the cramps were killing her!

“Be a good girl and bear it just a little while longer.” Sheng Yize’s voice was unbelievably soft as he carried her back to her bed as if he was taking care of the most precious treasure in the world.

Right away, he charged the two handwarmers, putting one on her belly and the other under her feet. He then made some brown sugar water and ordered An Xiaxia to drink half a bowl of it.

After much maneuvering, An Xiaxia finally felt much better.

Sheng Yize’s teasing voice rang out at that moment. “Can you get up on your own? A little while longer without this and I think you’ll have to wash your bedsheet.” Saying that, he waved the pads with girlish packaging in his hand and smiled wickedly.