Chapter 14: Since When Is It Your Responsibility to Pay Me Back Instead? (1)

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Even though Kang Jian loved joking around with An Xiaxia and bantering back and forth in particular, he had been very protective of her since young.

Coincidentally at that moment, Sheng Yize entered the classroom under the attention of numerous female students who looked over the moon.

Kang Jian had a murderous look as he blocked Sheng Yize’s way in the aisle.

“Hey you, Sheng Yize!” Kang Jian lifted his chin and bellowed ferociously.

Sheng Yize glanced at him coldly. Coupled with his domineering aura, it made Kang Jian look like a weakling in comparison despite their similar height.

Kang Jian gulped and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

“Is there a problem?” Sheng Yize asked.

Kang Jian narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Do you want to compete with me?”

“Hey… Worthless Kang, what are you doing? Stop messing around…” An Xiaxia rushed over and tugged on Kang Jian’s sleeve, but he brushed her off and stuffed the sausage into her mouth. His tanned handsome face looked grave. An Xiaxia made some muffled sounds before taking the sausage out. She was very concerned.

Sheng Yize’s gaze turned a few shades darker as he observed the intimacy between Kang Jian and An Xiaxia, and he lazily replied, “How do you want to compete?”

Chi Yuanfeng who was following behind thought he must be hearing things.Didn’t Sheng Yize always hate competing with guys like this? Why had he accepted a challenge on impulse?

Even He Jiayu who was sitting in his seat and peacefully reading a book was surprised. The corners of his beautiful thin lips then turned up, revealing a knowing smile.

The last class in the morning was physical education.

An Xiaxia went to the locker room to change into her gym clothes before heading to the sports ground, almost shaking with fright.

The basketball court was currently filled with people from Class C. In the middle of the crowd were two tall figures.

The gym teacher was the referee, and once the whistle sounded, Sheng Yize and Kang Jian both jumped at the same time. However, it was Sheng Yize who snatched the ball first!

After grabbing the ball, he quickly retreated and before Kang Jian could react, he bent his knees, jumped, and shot at the basket…

He scored a three pointer!

The court erupted with sounds of cheering. One after another, students began yelling that Sheng Yize was handsome.

An Xiaxia bit her lip. Kang Jian had entered Qixia as a sports student. Although what he trained in wasn’t basketball, his level was definitely above the average person. She never ever imagined that he would get wrecked like this by Sheng Yize!

In the second round, Kang Jian snatched the ball but was intercepted by Sheng Yize halfway through.

In the third round, Sheng Yize had the ball and agilely dribbled past Kang Jian like running water. When he reached the net, he even scored an awesome slam dunk!

“Ahh~ Captain Yize is so handsome!”

“Heavens, not only can he sing well, he’s even amazing at basketball!”

Kang Jian bit his lip, not saying a word.

Three rounds, three losses; he was completely defeated.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Shall we go on?”

“No, you won.” Kang Jian was in low spirits and smacked the ball to the side. He had planned to get revenge for Xiaxia by defeating this guy, but he himself turned out to be the one that got wrecked!

Sigh …

However, as long as he was here, Sheng Yize could only dream of hurting Xiaxia!

“Tell me, what did Xiaxia do to you? I’ll apologize on her behalf, so just let her be. Giving a girl a hard time like that, isn’t it too petty a thing for a man to do?!”

“She owes me. Since when is it your responsibility to pay me back instead?”

Kang Jian furrowed his brow.

The atmosphere between the two seemed like they were about to go for each other’s throats.

An Xiaxia rushed over to grab Kang Jian and stuffed a bottle of water into his hands. “Here, here, Worthless Kang, drink some water.”

Sheng Yize’s eyebrows slowly bunched together.

They seem really close.

So close… that it’s pissing me off.