Chapter 140: Mu Li’s Identity (2)

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The class was shocked. Although Jian Xin’er was known for her outrageous manner, hitting another student in front of all these people was way too violent!

The class monitor reprimanded her harshly, “Jian Xin’er, stop what you’re doing right now! Or I’ll report it to our class teacher!”

“Why, you’re standing up for her? Is there something between you that we don’t know about?” chuckled Ding Yiyi, at which the class monitor blushed.

Mu Li struggled a little and said in a weak voice, “Let go of me…”

Jian Xin’er slapped her. “Like hell! How dare you talk to me! You’ve kept it long enough from everyone and it’s time to let it out. Here’s something for everyone to chew on: guess who Mu Li is?”

Everyone began to talk in low voices as Mu Li bit her lip with tearful eyes.

“Her dad is a murderer and her mum is a mistress and the nanny of the Qi family!” said Jian Xin’er in an elated tone.

“The Qi family? As in Qi Yanxi’s family?”

“Gosh, you really can’t tell from a person’s appearance. A murderer and a mistress. That’s so revolting!”

“No wonder she never talks. That must be the guilty conscience at work!”

Mu Li’s face flushed at the discussion and she tried her best to fight back her tears.

She’d known from a very young age how fearful a thing gossip was. The intentionally hurtful words and loathing glances were the most humiliating.

She had no say over what family she was born into. Because of her parents, she had received so many discriminatory looks growing up.

A lot of times, she couldn’t figure out why the world was this way. Her father was the murderer and her mother was the mistress, but why did that have anything to do with her? And how was that anyone else’s business? Why make her most unspeakable history the topic of conversation?

What Jian Xin’er was doing was like tearing her wounds open, then pouring salt over them.

“That’s enough, Jian Xin’er! What can you get out of reopening other people’s old wounds?” Su Xiaomo couldn’t stand it and spoke out for Mu Li.

“She’s the disgusting and base one, so why can’t I speak about it?” Still pulling Mu Li’s hair, Jian Xin’er looked at An Xiaxia provokingly.

The other night at Qi Yanxi’s birthday party, she had seen Qi Yanxi drag An Xiaxia out. Suspecting that something was going on between them, she had followed them out.

Never had she expected to see Sheng Yize helping An Xiaxia out.

She had almost exploded with rage!

When she returned to the reception hall angrily, she had found Mu Li in her maid’s dress standing in a corner.

She had asked the butler of the Qi family about it, and he had told her about Mu Li’s family and the fact that she was working as the Qi family’s maid after school because of their impoverished state.

Since Jian Xin’er had heard that An Xiaxia, Su Xiaomo, and Mu Li were quite close lately, she had gotten the idea to teach Mu Li a lesson.

It was also a way to show An Xiaxia her muscle.

However, An Xiaxia never thought of it in that way and only looked at Jian Xin’er calmly. “Jian Xin’er, you’re trying to attract attention by invading other people’s privacy and having fun by stamping on other people’s self-esteem, isn’t that much more disgusting?”

Jian Xin’er gritted her teeth. She had never expected An Xiaxia to be this glib!

Some other students stepped out as well.

“Jian Xin’er, you’ve crossed the line!”

“Gosh, how does her history have anything to do with you?”

“You’re not planning something else, are you?”

Seeing that public opinion was turning against her, Jian Xin’er was infuriated. She was going to slap Mu Li again when a kick sent her careening into the classroom.

A tall figure stood at the doorway.

“I never said I don’t hit women, did I?”