Chapter 142: Idol Sheng Is Jealous (1)

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Su Xiaomo nodded sycophantically and abandoned her moral integrity right away. “Sure, sure. As long as it pleases you.”

Qi Yanxi nodded with satisfaction and let go of her. Su Xiaomo then tried to strike him with a flying kick, which Qi Yanxi dodged easily.

“Um… Xiaxia, I’m no match for him! I’m out of here! Cover my rear!” She patted An Xiaxia on her shoulder as if assigning her some great task and promptly ran back to her seat to play possum.

An Xiaxia was speechless and had no choice but to share desks with Qi Yanxi.

Qi Yanxi sounded like a recording machine on repeat as he gabbled on. “Dummy Xia, Dummy Xia, Dummy Xia, hahaha! That’s such a dumb name!”

An Xiaxia glared at him. Attracted by her bashful and annoyed look, Qi Yanxi couldn’t take his eyes off her for quite a while. He then said uneasily, “Alright, alright, I’m gonna stop.”

An Xiaxia kept glaring at him.

“Hey, cut it out, okay? Why are you staring at me?” Qi Yanxi frowned.

“I’m killing you with my mind.” An Xiaxia’s real thought slipped out.

The corner of Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched and An Xiaxia covered her mouth right away, looking innocent. “I didn’t say anything.”

Seeing her flustered look, a smile crept into Qi Yanxi’s eyes.

No wonder Sheng Yize liked her so much. She really was very interesting.

The bell rang and the teacher came in to find Qi Yanxi sitting at another desk. However, he dared not say a word about it and only focused on his teaching.

An Xiaxia attentively took notes and tried her best to ignore Qi Yanxi’s harassment. The morning classes soon passed.

Since the teacher for the last class had ended five minutes late, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo decided to wait a while before hitting the canteen to avoid the peak period, or they would be lining up forever at the counter.

Kang Jian gave them a box of yogurt each and waited with them.

An Xiaxia sipped hers happily, but was constantly aware of someone staring at her.

Turning around, she saw that Qi Yanxi was still here, too!

And he had been staring at her!

She held onto her yogurt and said in alarm, “Stop staring! I won’t give it to you!”

That despicable devil! Hmph!

Qi Yanxi smiled a little as a mischievous look flickered in his eyes.

He picked up his phone. “Hello, is that the convenience store? Send ten packs of yogurt to Class C of Year 1!”

An Xiaxia sensed something was wrong, but Qi Yanxi had mercilessly pinned her down at her desk.

Kang Jian tried to stand up for An Xiaxia, but was stopped by Su Xiaomo, who whispered, “Don’t. I don’t think he means Xiaxia harm. It’ll only make it worse for her if you two start a fight.”

Kang Jian had no choice but to stop.

The yogurt soon arrived, and Qi Yanxi twitched his lips at them. “Dummy Xia, you’re not leaving until you finish all this.”

An Xiaxia was shocked. “You’re kidding, right?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Qi Yanxi wiped the smile from his face and began to give off that intimidating air of a devil.

Knowing that she wasn’t leaving the classroom any time soon, she turned around with her face all puckered up and said, “You two go ahead. I… I’ll be there in a minute.”

Kang Jian rolled up his sleeves and was going to punch Qi Yanxi for An Xiaxia, but An Xiaxia stopped him in time and pushed him out together with Su Xiaomo, then smiled at them, “It’s alright. Don’t worry about me.”

The two left, not quite convinced.

Back in the classroom, An Xiaxia couldn’t take it anymore after six boxes of yogurt.

Plus, she was still on her period… sob , it was making her sick to drink so much…

“Qi Yanxi, can I stop now?”


An Xiaxia gave up and threw herself flat on her desk. “My belly aches… you bastard… sob …”