Chapter 143: Idol Sheng Is Jealous (2)

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The look on Qi Yanxi’s face changed.

He had only been teasing her to begin with and hadn’t expected her to drink that much.

He had thought about stopping her, but pride made him turn a blind eye.

That fool…

“I’m taking you to the infirmary!” he said in frustration.

An Xiaxia asked miserably, “Does that mean I can stop drinking the yogurt if we go to the infirmary?”

Qi Yanxi: “…”

The infirmary.

When the young female school doctor saw Qi Yanxi support An Xiaxia with her plump belly into the infirmary, she felt her world churn.

Gosh, kids nowadays! Weren’t they going a little too fast?

She couldn’t be… pregnant, could she?

As the doctor’s imagination ran wild, Qi Yanxi stopped it with a boorish tone. “She drank too much yogurt. Take a look at her.”

Mhm, so it was just yogurt…

The doctor ran a brief check on An Xiaxia, prescribed her some medicine, and exhorted, “Don’t overeat during your period. It’s nothing serious. A few bathroom visits and you’ll be fine.”

An Xiaxia nodded, while Qi Yanxi stood next to her side in a daze.

So it was that time of the month for her… and he made her drink so much yogurt! Damn!

After going to the bathroom twice, An Xiaxia still felt uncomfortable. The doctor then wrote her a sick leave note and let her rest in the infirmary.

An Xiaxia lay on the bed, rubbing her plump belly and feeling quite melancholy.

Qi Yanxi simply stood there with a cold face; one could almost see the flames of fury rise up from his crown.

He was angry at himself, but in An Xiaxia’s eyes, he was thinking of new ways to give her a hard time again.

She shrank a little into her duvet when her phone rang at an untimely moment.

“Give me a sign. Hit me baby one more time…”

Qi Yanxi looked confused. “Did the 90s just come and ask for their phone back?”

An Xiaxia took out her grandpa phone embarrassedly, and Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched.

What was with that outdated phone? Didn’t her family run a coffee shop? She wasn’t supposed to be a pauper, was she?

Wait… he seemed to have tossed her last phone into the water…

An Xiaxia pressed the answer button and a nice deep voice came from the other end. “An Xiaxia, have you eaten?”

It was Sheng Yize.

An Xiaxia felt her heart skip a beat at his voice and gave a shy “hm.” She immediately shook her head. “No, I haven’t…” It was all thanks to that bastard Qi Yanxi!

Sheng Yize frowned on the other end of the line. “Then what are you doing now?”

“Um, I’m in the infirmary…”

Her phone turned silent after that. An Xiaxia raised it to her eyes and saw that the screen had gone dark. She couldn’t switch it on no matter what.

Shit. It was probably broken from Su Xiaomo’s walnut-cracking that morning!

She lay back in bed, utterly frustrated.

Qi Yanxi darted her a sideways look and sat down by the bed as he started to play a mobile phone game.

“Are you going to have lunch?”


“How about class?”


So capricious… it was so nice to be the heir of some big rich family.

An Xiaxia fell asleep. When she woke up, Qi Yanxi was still playing the game.

Intrigued, she moved closer to see and immediately took to it.

“Wow, take this one down first, this one! Gosh, you’re dumb. Your fingers are so slow…” As An Xiaxia murmured, Qi Yanxi’s fingers moved more and more slowly and his eyes turned to her face.

The white curtains of the infirmary fluttered in the afternoon breeze. The teenage girl’s earnest clear eyes were so charming and her teeth had left a light bite mark in her lower lip.

Lub-dub-lub-dub —

He could hear clearly the thumping of his heart.

The look in Qi Yanxi’s eyes turned darker. Tossing his phone aside, he held An Xiaxia by her chin and pinned her down on the bed.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and pushed him in fear. “What – what are you doing…”