Chapter 145: Idol Sheng Is Jealous (4)

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He imprisoned her little head between his palms and ravished her tender lips.

An Xiaxia was completely shocked.

Was – was he forcing a kiss on her?

Was she dreaming or was Sheng Yize drugged?

She wondered absentmindedly while batting her eyelashes. Sheng Yize wasn’t happy about her lack of focus and took the opportunity to force her mouth open and deepen the kiss.

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia wailed. She tried to dodge, but there was nowhere she could run to.

The kiss seemed to last forever before Sheng Yize finally let go of her. Cheeks flushing, the girl gasped for air. Her eyes had turned watery, giving her the look of a frightened fawn.

An Xiaxia took a few steps back and that subconscious move made Sheng Yize frown deeper.

“How could you do this! Sheng Yize, I’m not your girlfriend. You can’t just kiss me because you feel like it! Even if you want to get back at me, this is too low! You’re incorrigible!” An Xiaxia summoned up her courage and yelled at him.

Sheng Yize raised one pretty eyebrow. “I never said I’m a nice person, did I?”

He had no idea why he was so angry, but when he saw Qi Yanxi pinning her down and kissing her… he had wanted to chop Qi Yanxi into pieces!

An Xiaxia was rendered speechless at those words. She bit her lip and stared at him like a wronged puppy.

“I hate you! Don’t talk to me any more! Bah!” She stormed off, leaving the speechless Sheng Yize behind.

Her “in the infirmary” had worried him so much that he had dropped his work and hurried back here. So that was what he had gotten out of it?

And she even spat at him! How dare that little dummy!

He caught up with An Xiaxia in a few strides and grabbed her by her arm.

An Xiaxia flailed all her limbs as she struggled against him, but he overpowered her by force. He then took her by the back of her collar as if he was carrying a chicken and brought her to a phoenix tree.

“Behave yourself and stay away from that crazy Qi Yanxi from now on! If I see you with him again…” After some thought, Sheng Yize bellowed at her with a vicious expression, “I’ll kiss you again and I’ll do it in front of the entire school! I don’t mind at all. So, have it your way, if you can live with the humiliation!”

An Xiaxia stared at him in disbelief. Why did she have such a person in her life?

Sheng Yize was outrageous!

“I’m free to be with whomever I want. Who are you to order me around?” An Xiaxia puffed out her cheeks angrily.

Sheng Yize reached out with his slender finger and caressed her pink lips, which were still swollen a little from that long kiss.

His gesture was intimate and affectionate. With the smile on his face, he was once more that unrestrained and handsome rich second generation son.

“I’m the one that signed a contract with you. It’s all down on paper. Are you going to be a deadbeat now?”

Contract! It was that contract again!

An Xiaxia was on the verge of bursting into tears. She had to admit that Sheng Yize knew exactly where her weak spot was.

Sniveling, she turned her head away and wouldn’t look at him.

Seeing that she was at odds with him again, Sheng Yize wrinkled his eyebrows and rubbed her head. “I need to go back now. Wait for me.”

As soon as he turned away, An Xiaxia spat at him again behind his back.

Hmph! Why should I wait for you? I’m going to trash you on Weibo!

However, a question kept coming back to her.

He was busy with the shoot… why was he suddenly back at school… that was nuts!

Back at home that night, she inevitably ran into Sheng Yize again.

An Xiaxia acted as if he wasn’t there. When An Yibei returned home from work, he went upstairs and called out, “Xiaxia, a classmate of yours is waiting downstairs. He says his name is… Qi Yanxi or something.”