Chapter 146: The Contract Is Annulled (1)

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What? Devil Qi was here for her?

He wasn’t planning something again, was he…

She hesitated and didn’t know whether to go down there or not.

It just so happened that Chi Yuanfeng was coming downstairs, humming a tune along the way. Without thinking, she called out, “Fengfeng! Do you have a minute?”

Chi Yuanfeng blinked. “Yup.”

“Could you go downstairs with me?” An Xiaxia pleaded.

Chi Yuanfeng nodded happily and went down with her.

Sheng Yize gave a chair a hard kick behind them.

So she would rather choose Chi Yuanfeng over him now?


Qi Yanxi stood there with one hand in his pocket, looking very cool. Seeing An Xiaxia coming out, he awkwardly handed her a box.

An Xiaxia stepped back right away and stared nervously at Qi Yanxi.

OMG! Was that a bomb? What on earth was this devil trying to do now?

“Hey, you don’t have to look so alarmed, okay? I’m just making it up to you,” said Qi Yanxi impatiently.

An Xiaxia went up to him hesitantly and opened the box. In it was a brand new phone!

And it was an iPhone XS Max!

“Why are you giving me this…” An Xiaxia eyed Qi Yanxi suspiciously and wouldn’t believe that he was doing this out of kindness.

“I shouldn’t have thrown your phone into the water and I’m obviously here to apologize,” said Qi Yanxi matter-of-factly. Although, he was secretly feeling a little guilty.

As a matter of fact, he was here just because he wanted to see her.

That unfulfilled kiss had become a regret deeply rooted in his heart which was gnawing at him constantly.

“But my phone was just some domestic brand a little over 1000 yuan. I can’t take this. It’s not right.” An Xiaxia pushed the phone back, then counted with her fingers. “I used it for three months. So including the depreciation, 1000 yuan will be enough!”

She thought she had successfully settled her account when she looked up and saw Qi Yanxi’s face as dark as charcoal.

“An Xiaxia, is it because you think this phone is too expensive or you don’t want to take my stuff at all?” Anger flickered in his eyes.

Chi Yuanfeng felt something was wrong and shielded An Xiaxia behind him. “Why are you yelling at Xiaxia?”

“I’m talking to her. It’s none of your business!” Qi Yanxi yelled at him without any obvious reason.

An Xiaxia felt her temples throb again and gritted her teeth. “Forget it! I don’t need your compensation! Qi Yanxi, go lash out somewhere else, can you? Stop coming to my home all the time!”

With that, she pushed Qi Yanxi toward the front door. Even Qi Yanxi’s eyebrows were quivering angrily now as his face stiffened and he began to give off a terrifying air as if he was something out of an inferno.

“An Xiaxia! You’ll regret this!” He clenched his jaw.

“Get out!” An Xiaxia pushed him grumpily, but Qi Yanxi grabbed her wrist and stared at her with his dark pupils. His gaze was so intense that it seemed to bore into her skin.

Chi Yuanfeng frowned. “Qi Yanxi, don’t make me hit you!”

Before he could say another word, a figure wrapped in red dashed at them and a pointy high heel kicked Qi Yanxi right in his shin.

Qi Yanxi bared his teeth in pain and turned toward the attacker furiously. The person raised her chin, revealing an exquisite and pretty face, and appeared to be even more ill-tempered than he was. “Where did this brat come from? Do you have a death wish, picking on my little sister?”

Qi Yanxi was dumbfounded when the woman smashed him again with her handbag. An Xiaxia cheered for her excitedly. “Sister, get him!”

WTF! The famous younger son of the Qi family had just had his ass kicked by a woman?