Chapter 147: The Contract Is Annulled (2)

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“Women are not off limits for me… I’m telling you… ouch…” Qi Yanxi narrowly escaped the foot aimed at his groin and realized he was no match for this fearless woman. He had no choice but to flee like a defeated dog.

Qiao Mu, aka An Xiaxia’s cousin, clapped her hands and snorted. “You’re ten years too young to fight me… wait a minute, Fengfeng?! Why are you here?”

Chi Yuanfeng recognized her as well and was at a loss. “Sister Mumu?”

“Do you two know each other?” An Xiaxia asked timidly.

“He’s an artist my company manages… why is he here…” Qiao Mu looked shocked. She then held An Xiaxia’s face between her hands and rubbed it. “Xiaxia, pinch yourself now! Does it hurt?”

An Xiaxia: “…”

After she briefly explained everything to Qiao Mu, the latter’s face lit up. “So, Sheng Yize is here as well? Oh my, I need to offer him some sisterly love right now~”

Qiao Mu rushed upstairs right away with An Xiaxia following reluctantly behind.

At the sight of Sheng Yize, Qiao Mu ditched her able woman demeanor and gave Sheng Yize’s cheeks a nice firm squeeze, which startled even Sheng Yize.


“Tsk, tsk. How can someone be so handsome and so lovely? There is no angle that you would not look good from…” Pink hearts were floating out of Qiao Mu’s eyes and she even squeezed Sheng Yize’s cheeks in and made his good-looking face into a goldfish.

Teehee — An Xiaxia couldn’t help but snicker at what was happening.

Sheng Yize turned away embarrassedly and avoided Qiao Mu’s harassing paws.

An Xiaxia stepped out and awkwardly made the introduction. “This is Qiao Mu, my cousin. She… is your group’s loyal fan.”

There was nothing An Xiaxia could do about it. Qiao Mu was the one lecturing her all the time about not letting her fondness for idols get in the way of her studies. However, when Starry Night first debuted, Qiao Mu was the one who was so crazy about them herself!

She was in the PR department at Endless Night and would always take advantage of her job to attend Starry Night concerts and fan meetings. She was infatuated.

Qiao Mu was going to pounce on Sheng Yize again when the expressionless An Yibei caught her by the back of her collar.

“Do have some self-awareness as a senior member of the family.” An Yibei offered his sarcasm coldly.

Qiao Mu rolled her eyes, then in a high-pitched drawl, she said, “Little Beibei, I heard you made a girl cry again during a date… mhm…” Before she could go on, An Yibei covered her mouth and dragged her into the kitchen to help with the cooking.

The atmosphere in the living room immediately turned awkward.

An Xiaxia jabbed the tips of her index fingers together. Qiao Mu was from a pretty well-off family, so could she tell her about the compensation for the car?

Sheng Yize would stop ripping her off if she paid him back the money, right?

An Xiaxia was tempted by this thought. She had just risen to her feet when Sheng Yize stopped her.

“Come with me for a minute.”


An Xiaxia didn’t want to. However, seeing the sombre look on his face, she dared not refuse and followed him obediently to the third floor.

They were the only two people there and everything was quiet.

“An Xiaxia, there’s something I need to tell you.” Sheng Yize took a deep breath.

An Xiaxia began to chatter herself. “I have something to tell you, too!”

Sheng Yize was quiet for two seconds before he spoke like a gentleman. “After you.”

An Xiaxia’s eyes were sparkling. “Sheng Yize, that was my cousin down there! Do you remember the first time we met when her car bumped into yours? When I contacted her before, she took me for a fraud. Now that we’ve finally all met in person, we can settle the account with her in a moment so that she can pay you back. In that way, we’ll be even. Alright?”