Chapter 148: The Contract Is Annulled (3)

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Seeing the little woman capering in front of her, Sheng Yize felt the muscles in his face stiffen little by little. His fingertips were shaking and his voice was trembling a little as well. “Was that what you wanted to tell me?”

“Yes! That was it!” An Xiaxia nodded eagerly.

Sheng Yize felt like his heart had just taken a rollercoaster ride from the highest point down to the bottom.

He had been about to… confess his feelings for her.

Even when he himself found the idea ridiculous, even when he hadn’t approached An Xiaxia with a clear conscience to begin with, he had always been someone who followed his heart.

Because he liked her, he wanted to let her know his feelings, he wanted to be with her, and he wanted to dote on her openly as her boyfriend.


He had always been a conceited person ever since he was little — and had reason to be.

But in terms of relationships, he was a blank canvas himself.

Hence, he had forgotten the most important thing…

It had all been his wishful thinking. Did An Xiaxia have the same feelings toward him?

Obviously not.

Otherwise she wouldn’t have resisted his kisses, wouldn’t have avoided him, or tried all she could to steer clear of him…

All of a sudden, he found himself a laughingstock.

He knew next to nothing about love, but tried so hard to love. However, before he could even make a move, he found himself at the edge of a cliff.

His silence was making An Xiaxia uneasy. She chewed on her fingers and asked in a low voice, “Sheng Yize, are you all right…”

Sheng Yize looked at her calmly, his pupils so dark that they looked like an abyss that could suck her in.

In the end, he only smiled a self-mocking smile. “There’s no need for that. An Xiaxia, our contract is off. We’re even.”

“What?” An Xiaxia was astonished.

That contract that had bothered her for so long was called off just like that?

“You have done so much for me and I’m very pleased. So, that’s it.” Sheng Yize’s voice was emotionless. “Or, call it a breach of the contract on my side.”

An Xiaxia blinked, then nodded in bewilderment.

Sheng Yize swallowed and looked into her eyes, which were as clear as crystal stones. He wanted to say something, but in the end remained silent.

He went downstairs, leaving An Xiaxia standing there in a daze.

An Xiaxia frowned. Why was there a throbbing pain in her chest after Sheng Yize had said that they were even?

Back on the second floor, the table was laid with scrumptious dishes.

An Yibei was an excellent cook, which he didn’t demonstrate often. His efforts today earned him a round of applause.

Qiao Mu wolfed down her food, regardless of her image, and made the corner of An Yibei’s mouth twitch.

After dinner, all three members of Starry Night went back upstairs and An Yibei shooed An Xiaxia back to her room to do her homework. He then took Qiao Mu to his room.

Qiao Mu teased him. “Little Beibei, aren’t you afraid that I’ll turn into a big bad wolf and ravish you?”

An Yibei remained expressionless. “Where are you with the thing I asked you to help me with?”

Qiao Mu sighed and put her straight face back on. She then took a file out of her bag and handed it to him.

“I think you’ve seen the photo from last time. She was a really beautiful and gentle woman… unfortunately, she died of an illness half a year ago…”

An Yibei shuddered. He opened the file and saw the death report within. Before he knew it, tears welled up in his eyes.

“Don’t tell Xiaxia.”

Qiao Mu couldn’t help but protest, “She’ll learn about it sooner or later.”

“Not now!” An Yibei raised his voice.

Qiao Mu went silent. A look of compassion flickered in her eyes.