Chapter 149: Willingly Become Qi Yanxi’s Personal Belonging (1)

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The following day, An Xiaxia went to school to find the seat next to her empty — Sheng Yize hadn’t finished shooting his scenes yet.

After the defeat last night, Qi Yanxi had stopped sitting by her as well. Even the look he gave her was emotionless.

An Xiaxia drew her neck in, trying to make herself look smaller.

Bai Ziyue, their class teacher, made an announcement after class.

“A basketball league match for a hundred high schools is coming up. Anyone in our class want to join the school basketball team?”

The classroom immediately erupted in a hubbub of discussion.

Looking at the empty seat beside her, An Xiaxia suddenly felt a little lonely.

Sheng Yize would have definitely made it into the basketball team if he were here.

Qi Yanxi’s arrogant voice rang out at that moment. “I’m in!”

The class teacher looked at him in surprise.

Rumors of how abominable the younger son of the Qi family was had been going around in the office. Never did she expect Qi Yanxi to volunteer for a group activity.

However, as a young teacher, she still hoped to reform Qi Yanxi somehow and lead him back onto the right path. She gave him a smile right away and said, “Good luck with you on that, then. Class monitor, please give him a form.”

Other students in the class also signed up for the team, Kang Jian included. He even prompted An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo to enter for cheerleading.

“It’ll be fun. You can skip class for the training and get to hang out with students of other schools when the match begins…”

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo hadn’t wanted to go in the beginning, but the part about hanging out made them sign up right away.

That meant they would have a chance to meet more cute guys, mwahahaha!

After school that afternoon, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo were informed about the initial tryout for the cheering squad.

They only realized when they got to the sports field that so many girls had signed up for it.

The teacher in charge blew the whistle and the tryout began.

A tall girl stepped out first and did a split effortlessly!

An Xiaxia’s and Su Xiaomo’s jaws dropped.

The second girl snorted at this and raised a leg over her head in a standing front split!

Holy crap! Was this a tryout for cheerleading or a gymnastic performance?

Those with special talents all demonstrated theirs. The rest were talentless like An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo, and were going to run a 800-meter race.

“There are twelve spots left, so only the first twelve will get into the team. This is the most basic requirement in terms of your physical strength,” said the teacher in a serious tone. At the whistle, all the girls dashed out like a swarm of bees.

Thanks to her great physical strength, Su Xiaomo ran in first place. An Xiaxia puckered up her face and ran as fast as she could with her short legs.

People began to overtake her one after another. Gradually, An Xiaxia came to a sad realization: she had become last.

It didn’t matter! The true warrior was brave enough to face any hardship!

An Xiaxia comforted herself with empty words as she ran on while panting and gasping for air.

A short distance away, the basketball team tryout turned out to be a fierce battle as well.

Qixia had always had a strong basketball team with more talented players than one could count.

The appearance of Qi Yanxi attracted all attention at once.

He bounced the ball, bent his knees, and shot at the basket, his movement looking so natural and smooth.

After that, he didn’t even wait for the result and went straight to fetch another ball.

The crowd watched this with popping eyes. That was bold! How could he know whether he made it or not?

However —

Piak —

A perfect shot!

Catcalls rang out over the court.

Qi Yanxi made one shot after another over a dozen times in a row. Every ball drew a perfect curve in the air and made it into the basket.

No one protested anymore.