Chapter 15: Since When Is It Your Responsibility To Pay Me Back Instead? (2)

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Worthless Kang wanted to say more, but An Xiaxia reached out and pinched his waist.

He cried out in pain.

“Xiaxia, I’m your childhood sweetheart, how can you treat me like this?” Kang Jian howled hysterically, triggering an eruption of laughter from the audience.

An Xiaxia: “Shut up!”

Depressed, Kang Jian deflated.

After dealing with Kang Jian, An Xiaxia turned to face Sheng Yize and did a perfect ninety-degree bow. “I’m sorry!

“I’ll pay back every penny I owe you. My friend was only joking with you just now. Please don’t mind him!” An Xiaxia quickly finished speaking and didn’t dare wait for Sheng Yize’s reaction before she dragged Kang Jian along with her as she ran off.

Unmoving where he stood, Sheng Yize had an awful expression on his face.

She has some guts. That much money and still saying she can pay me back?

He had already gotten people to investigate her background properly. While the An family was pretty affluent, they weren’t rich enough to come up with this much money that easily.

She made such a hasty decision. Is it because of that boy?

Or is it because she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me?

An Xiaxia dragged Kang Jian into a corner with no one else around and hit him with her small fist. “Are you crazy? Challenging Sheng Yize in front of everyone, do you know you could be shredded to pieces by his pig-headed fans?”

To Kang Jian, that punch didn’t hurt at all, but he still cried and howled at the top of his lungs. “Ouch, you’re beating your darling to death! I need Xiaxia to hug me so I can get better!”

“You should just roll over and die!” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes. Once she thought about how she had to pay back the money, her heart hurt so much and she couldn’t breathe.

Sob … If she confessed to her dad, he would give her the money, wouldn’t he?

“Xiaxia, exactly what do you owe him?”

“Money! Boatloads of money! Didn’t I tell you about my older sister 1scratching a really expensive car the other day…” An Xiaxia scrunched up her face, then looked up at Kang Jian with a hopeful expression. “Worthless Kang, do you have any savings? It’s time for you to prove how deep our friendship is!”

Kang Jian was quiet for two seconds before he dug around in his pockets for a while. He finally took out two pink Grandpa Mao 2 bill and a green fifty-yuan bill.

“Here, this is my entire fortune, I’m giving it to you.” Kang Jian looked like he was parting reluctantly with his treasure.

“You simpleton 3 ! I don’t want it! Get lost! We’re not friends any more!”

“Don’t be like this. I’m your true love, Xiaxia, be nice to me…”

“You’re too ugly! Request denied!”

The duo bickered on noisily, unaware of a furious presence that was glaring directly at An Xiaxia…

After arguing with Kang Jian for awhile, An Xiaxia felt her mood change a bit for the better and she returned to the locker room to change back into her school uniform. She planned to go to the washroom before joining Kang Jian for lunch.

As soon as she entered the washroom, several figures followed in behind her and slammed the door shut!

An Xiaxia looked over her shoulder suspiciously and saw Jian Xin’er smile coldly as she said, “An Xiaxia, did it feel great when you seduced Sheng Yize?”

What the hell?

An Xiaxia frowned in confusion as she asked, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Stop pretending! Everyone already knows that you’ve been pestering our Captain Yize nonstop!” another chubbier girl, Ding Yiyi, said viciously.

“You’re a pretty good actress, as expected of a slut,” an exquisite-looking girl with an indifferent look on her face said. “Why are we still talking bullshit with her? Just deal with her!”

An Xiaxia still didn’t know what this was about, but hearing those words, she knew that these girls weren’t here as friends.

Jian Xin’er raised her hand and a slap rushed swiftly toward An Xiaxia!