Chapter 150: Willingly Become Qi Yanxi’s Personal Belonging (2)

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All discontent dissipated in the face of absolute power.

The PE teacher flushed with excitement. “Qi Yanxi, please join the basketball team!”

Qi Yanxi’s smile looked innocent and harmless, but the teacher shuddered regardless.

“Sir, I have a request.”

“Go ahead.” For such a promising player, the teacher would happily grant ten, if not a hundred requests, not to mention one.

Qi Yanxi pointed casually at someone crawling on the racetrack. “There. I want her in the cheer squad and to be my personal caddie.”


The teacher picked twelve people for the cheer squad after the 800-meter run before walking up to An Xiaxia with a smile. “You’re in as well! Come for the training after school everyday from now on!”

An Xiaxia stood there dazed for a few seconds before her face lit up with a smile as if she had just found a wallet on the street.

Oh my, she must have hit the jackpot. Did she get in just like that?

Aww~ cute guys, cute guys~ so many cute guys! An Xiaxia lost herself in that thought for a moment before a boy wearing glasses trotted toward her and handed her a form. “Please sign this. Once you join the cheer squad, you’re not allowed to drop out at will.”

An Xiaxia had her head in the clouds at the moment and she signed her name right away.

The boy’s hands were trembling a little as he lifted the form and revealed another page. “This one, too.”

He deliberately covered the top half of the second page so that she couldn’t read the content.

An Xiaxia thought little of it. She signed her name again and went to Su Xiaomo happily.

“Hey, Dummy Xia, what did that boy want from you?” Su Xiaomo asked while sipping her water. Her cheeks were flushed from the run.

An Xiaxia said, “To sign the application form for the cheer squad.”

The color of Su Xiaomo’s face changed. “Who told you that? There’s no such requirement!”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. Swinging around, she saw the boy quickly run away before stopping next to a tall figure to whom he handed the two sheets of paper with reverence.

Qi Yanxi took them and flashed a defiant smile at her.

An Xiaxia realized something was wrong and rushed toward him.

“Qi Yanxi, what did you give me to sign?!” An Xiaxia stomped the ground anxiously.

Qi Yanxi whistled. “An Xiaxia, there’s no going back on this. You signed the paper yourself!”

He flicked the paper and showed her that the first page was indeed an application form, but the second page had only one line of text on it.

“An Xiaxia has willingly become the personal belonging of Qi Yanxi. Violation of this contract makes her an untrustworthy little dog!”

Below that was her name which she had just signed.

An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a stroke. “How – how could you do this!”

“Because I want to and I can,” said Qi Yanxi with a careless and slovenly attitude. His mood was significantly lifted by seeing An Xiaxia flush with anger.

“Be a smart girl and follow my orders, or I’ll print a thousand copies of this and put it up all over the school!” Qi Yanxi raised his chiseled chin.

An Xiaxia snapped, “Be my guest! I couldn’t care less about the humiliation! Everyone will know it’s your prank anyway!”

Actually, she cared a lot… it was just that she didn’t want to show her weakness in front of Qi Yanxi.

“Oh… in that case, let me send Sheng Yize a copy, too. Which shooting location is he at again…” Qi Yanxi made a show of thinking the question over, while An Xiaxia jumped up anxiously. “You can’t tell him!”

He would despise her even more if he knew she had done such a humiliating thing!

She would rather be the laughingstock of the entire school than be disgraced in front of Sheng Yize…

Qi Yanxi smiled with satisfaction. “So — I hope we’ll get along well, An Xiaxia.”