Chapter 151: Sheng Yize Is Injured

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However unwilling An Xiaxia was… she still submitted to Qi Yanxi’s despotic power.

It was the individual training session for the basketball team. Some were running on the track, some were practicing shooting, and some were engaging in heated discussion on tactics.

Qi Yanxi, on the other hand, was casually shooting at the basket.

However, his unbelievable skill from earlier seemed to have disappeared. Not only were the balls he threw missing the basket, they were flying further and further away as if they had eyes of their own.

An Xiaxia was running around picking the balls up and putting them back into the basket next to Qi Yanxi. She said bitterly, “Qi Yanxi, can’t you aim?” With this terrible skill, he was embarrassing himself by joining the basketball team!

Qi Yanxi put on an innocent face. “Well, I’m new.” With that, he made another shot and the ball landed almost two hundred meters away. He said frivolously, “Go, go, go, little Dummy Xia. Fetch me my ball.”

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth at him and went after the ball reluctantly.

Seeing the fuming little woman, Qi Yanxi couldn’t be more satisfied.

Well, this was the first time he felt so good when bullying someone.

An Xiaxia picked up the ball and looked at the cheer squad a short distance away. The coach was arranging them in formation and each member had been given two pompoms. An Xiaxia eyed them enviously.

She wanted to learn cheerleading, not pick up balls for this devil!

Su Xiaomo saw her looking and snuck out to talk to her with a concerned look. “Xiaxia, are you alright?”

“I want to learn cheerleading…” An Xiaxia said resentfully.

Su Xiaomo sighed. “I heard from the teacher that it was Qi Yanxi’s doing. He said the cheer squad had to take you if they wanted him in the basketball team.”

“WHAT?” An Xiaxia was shocked. She knew it! It was all because of that goddamn Qi Yanxi!

Holding the ball in her arms, she looked as if she was going to fight Qi Yanxi to death. However, Su Xiaomo then said something that made her freeze on the spot.

“Xiaxia, do you think Qi Yanxi is doing all this because he likes you?”

“… That’s impossible.”

“The way he’s around you really makes me think he’s picking on you because he likes you. It’s just like those primary school students — they bully the girls they can’t get…” Su Xiaomo’s analysis sounded very convincing.

An Xiaxia found it ridiculous. “He’s a primary school student, that’s for sure. As for liking me… that’s only in your head!”

“That student over there, come back here!” At the coach’s whistle, Su Xiaomo ran back to the team right away.

An Xiaxia sniffled and brought the ball back to Qi Yanxi, but her eyes kept turning in the direction of the cheerleaders.

Qi Yanxi was affected by her absent-mindedness and raised his eyebrow. “Hey, focus on fetching the balls. Don’t just stand there!”

An Xiaxia pouted. “I want to go train for cheerleading.”

Qi Yanxi snorted, but the image of An Xiaxia wearing a little cheerleading skirt and cheering for him on the basketball court then came into his head. His face lit up right away and he waved her off. “Fine, go ahead. Work hard.”

An Xiaxia couldn’t believe it at first. The next second, she let out a cheerful cry as if she had just been pardoned and promptly ran away.

Qi Yanxi rubbed his nose. His face then lit up with a smile.

An Xiaxia went back home after the hour-long training. She took a shower and felt her whole body ache.

She was going to have dinner when He Jiayu hurried down from the third floor. He was frowning and looked anxious.

“What’s wrong?” An Xiaxia asked in confusion.

He Jiayu grabbed her hand and led her toward the door, his voice sounding sombre. “There’s been an accident at the site. Yize was injured and he’s still in the hospital…”