Chapter 152: The Real Rong Che (1)

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An Xiaxia felt as if a thunderclap had just gone off in her brain and the sound rumbled in her head.

Before she knew it, she had quickened her steps while asking, “How serious is it? Is it life-threatening? How did he get hurt?”

He Jiayu sighed. “I have no idea. We’ll know when we get to the hospital. But Xiao Feng said it was pretty bad…”

Outside, an RV was waiting.

When they finally got to the hospital, He Jiayu realized that An Xiaxia had bitten her lips so hard that they had lost all color.

He was at a loss; had he just frightened her?

However, seeing her worry so much about Sheng Yize meant that the fellow’s feelings for her weren’t all for nothing.

He rubbed An Xiaxia’s head and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Yize has always been in good shape. He’ll be fine.”

An Xiaxia nodded despite herself and would have tripped on the stairs if He Jiayu hadn’t caught her in time.

The VIP ward of the hospital.

They had taken the entire floor and closed it off. The press had gotten wind of what had happened and the reporters were packed tightly outside. It took He Jiayu quite some maneuvering to take An Xiaxia into the building.

An Xiaxia stood outside the ward and took a few deep breaths before gingerly walking in.

Everywhere she turned, she was met by the color white and the smell of disinfectant that was characteristic of hospitals.

The dashingly handsome teenager was sitting on the bed reading a book, looking as calm as always.

Chi Yuanfeng sat next to the bed peeling an apple for Sheng Yize, his eyebrows knitted with anxiety.

“Yize, are you all right?” asked He Jiayu.

Sheng Yize looked up at the sound and involuntarily shifted his gaze from He Jiayu to the girl next to him.

She was in her pink and white sportswear, which Sheng Yize recognized as what she usually wore at home. On her feet were a pair of cute bunny slippers. Her hair was a little disheveled and her exquisite little face was full of panic.

Somehow, Sheng Yize was overjoyed.

At least that little dummy he couldn’t stop thinking about was worried about him, too.

“It’s nothing. Just a scratch,” he said casually.

He could clearly see An Xiaxia let out a breath of relief and pat her chest.

Chi Yuanfeng couldn’t help but interject, “It wasn’t just a scratch! The doctor said he tore a muscle in his leg and it’ll take at least half a month to recover!”

“Chi Yuanfeng!” Sheng Yize cut him off, sounding displeased. Chi Yuanfeng pursed his lips and went back to peeling the apple.

An Xiaxia rubbed her hands together and didn’t know where to begin. Just then, two more people entered the room.

They were a man and a woman — it was Rong Che and Li Fanxing.

Seeing her idol, An Xiaxia still felt her heart flutter a little.

It turned out that Rong Che recognized her as well and he greeted her with a smile. He then put a sumptuous fruit basket on the bedside table and smiled amiably. “I hope you get well soon, Yize.”

Sheng Yize lifted the corner of his mouth in reply and couldn’t be bothered to speak.

Li Fanxing dove into his arms, weeping like a blossoming pear tree on a rainy day. “Yize, I’m sorry! It was all because I didn’t put the wire on properly. You wouldn’t have been hurt if you hadn’t tried to save me! Sob , I’m so sorry…”

There was a saying that a single tear of a beautiful woman was powerful enough to conquer a city.

An Xiaxia had always found that saying an exaggeration. However, now that Li Fanxing’s pretty face was right in front of her, she was suddenly hit by a feeling of inferiority.

Li Fanxing and Sheng Yize would make a cute couple.

Without knowing it, she was walking out of the room. However, Sheng Yize called after her, “An Xiaxia, where are you going?”

An Xiaxia played with the lower hem of her clothes like a kid caught doing something naughty and finally blurted out, “Um, do you want to eat trotters? My dad says the body part you eat will heal the corresponding part of your body. I’ll go get you some!”