Chapter 153: The Real Rong Che (2)

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A hush fell over the ward. Even Li Fanxing had stopped crying and looked up, eyeing An Xiaxia as if she was looking at an idiot.

Chi Yuanfeng’s mouth fell open, He Jiayu looked shocked, while Rong Che actually smiled a little.

She was bold enough to compare Sheng Yize with a pig. This girl was always a pleasant surprise to him!

An Xiaxia realized she had said something inappropriate and flushed. She rubbed her head embarrassedly. “Sorry about that… but there really is a restaurant which makes excellent trotters nearby!”

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. Just as everyone thought he was going to lose his temper, he asked calmly, “What flavors do they have?”

Huh? The others were dumbfounded.

Even An Xiaxia took a while to digest the question. She then stammered, “There’s spiced trotters… hot and spicy trotters… pepper and salt trotters, oh, and New Orleans trotters!”

“I’ll take one of each,” said Sheng Yize indifferently.

“Oh… no problem!” An Xiaxia nodded obediently and trotted off to buy the trotters.

The look on Li Fanxing’s face was hard to describe. After some thought, she wiped her tears and put her weeping face back on.

“Yize, I don’t know how to thank you for this…” she said shyly.

She had had an action scene today and the plan had been to use a stunt double for it. However, the director hadn’t been happy with how it turned out and she had had no choice but to play the part herself.

However, when she landed after the shoot, an accident happened. Had it not been for Sheng Yize, who had been standing the closest to her and had caught her in time, she would have been much more badly wounded!

Sheng Yize kept his composure and pushed her away politely. “You’re welcome. I only did what I should have.”

As a normal person, it was against his principles to turn a blind eye to someone in a plight.

However, the hard time Li Fanxing had given An Xiaxia was still fresh in his memory, so naturally he wouldn’t be very nice to her.

He had always walked around with this detached attitude, but Li Fanxing was a sucker for his aloof and unattainable air. She was going to say something else when Sheng Yize said coldly, “I’m sorry, but I want to rest now.”

She gritted her teeth and forced a smile. “Rest well, then. I hope you’ll get better soon.”

She then left the room reluctantly.

Sheng Yize shifted his gaze to Rong Che and asked in his deep and lazy voice, “You’re still here, Senior Rong?”

“I know you want me to leave more than anything else. But I need to have a word with you,” said Rong Che with a smile.

He Jiayu frowned and gave Chi Yuanfeng a look. The two then left the room together.

“That scumbag won’t try anything on Brother Yize, will he?” Chi Yuanfeng clenched his fists, his voice full of righteous indignation.

He Jiayu smiled. “Don’t worry. Yize can still take him easily even if all four of his limbs were crippled.”

The two then went out to deal with the reporters, leaving Sheng and Rong alone in the ward.

An Xiaxia returned with a big bag of aromatic trotters.

She was going to push the door open when she froze at the voice inside.

“… Sheng Yize! Do you still think you’re the captain of some popular group? I’m telling you, you’re shelved, sooner or later!” Rong Che’s voice that usually reminded one of a cool mountain spring now sounded somewhat hysterical.

“Oh, is that so?” Sheng Yize replied calmly.

“Hmph! Deny it all you want. And about what happened to you today, all I want to say is: you had it coming.” Despite the lovely smile on his face, the words coming out of Rong Che’s mouth were most malevolent.

“Thank you for coming.” Sheng Yize went back to his book.

Rong Che was infuriated by his indifferent attitude. He snorted and promptly turned to leave.

He pulled the door open and froze on the spot.

“An Xiaxia…?”