Chapter 154: Little Dummy Xia, You’re Coming With Me! (1)

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An Xiaxia was also petrified, so much so that her head was spinning.

Gosh, how could he, the idol she had sworn by all these years, talk like that?

She had loved Rong Che mostly for his handsome face, then for his approachable personality and the fact that he always treated his fans nicely.

But what he had said to Sheng Yize just then… was unfathomable.

Rong Che’s face darkened at how flustered she looked. “How much did you hear?”

An Xiaxia bit her lips and stammered, “I– I just got here and I heard Sheng Yize say ‘thank you for coming.’ I see you care about him a lot and your relationship isn’t as bad as the reporters say…”

She flushed whenever she told a lie.

However, to Rong Che, she was only too excited to see him.

He knew that An Xiaxia was his little fan.

He raised an eyebrow and put his mask as the perfect and elegant prince back on. “Exactly. Those were just rumors. Yize is a junior I appreciate very much.”

An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly. Rong Che gave her another smile and left.

He thought he had fooled An Xiaxia, but he failed to notice that An Xiaxia’s hand was shaking so badly that she could barely hold onto the bag.

An Xiaxia took a deep breath, pushed the door open, and walked in. Sheng Yize looked up at her; his dark pupils flickered like the deepest pools.

Outside was a sky filled with twinkling stars, but none were as stunning as his face.

Glug —

Her swallow was so loud in this room.

An Xiaxia flushed with embarrassment, but Sheng Yize’s face was so irresistible!

Sheng Yize pursed his lips scornfully. “You little fangirl. I never knew you could bluff so well. You even fooled Rong Che.”

An Xiaxia lowered her head and sounded dispirited. “Were you two fighting? Why did it sound to me that Rong Che oppa hates you…”

“Don’t you as well?” Sheng Yize asked suddenly. “As an anti-fan, weren’t you trashing me all the time?”

An Xiaxia stared blankly at the air and her little face looked shocked.

What he said wasn’t wrong, but she realized that before she knew it, she couldn’t bring herself to hate Sheng Yize any more…

Moreover, when Rong Che quarreled with him just then, she had subconsciously taken Sheng Yize’s side.

Oh god, how did that happen…

Seeing the dumb look on the little woman’s face, Sheng Yize frowned and changed the subject. “Did you buy them?”

“Ah, yes!” An Xiaxia came back to herself and handed him the trotters as if they were some rare treasure. “Do you want to try them? They’re really good!”

Sheng Yize chuckled. “Do they have pig brains in there?”

“Huh?” Was that even edible? Sheng Yize’s preferences were so hardcore!

“Oh, I suggest you get some for yourself if they do. After all, your corresponding body part could use the extra help.” Sheng Yize put on a stern face and was back to his detached manner again.

An Xiaxia felt like spitting at him. After all this time and he still didn’t forget to get back at her!

She sniffled, feeling hurt, and put the paper bag containing the trotters on his bedside table. “You should get some rest. I’m going home.”

Since he was alright, there was no reason for her to hang around.

“I don’t want them. Take them away,” said Sheng Yize nonchalantly.

“Didn’t you ask me to get them for you?” An Xiaxia was confused.

“Oh, I did, but I don’t want to eat them now.” Sheng Yize pressed his lips together, the look on his face not very nice.

He had no idea where this childish tantrum came from.

However, An Xiaxia was leaving.

And it made him… VERY UNHAPPY!