Chapter 157: Meet the Parents

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Lu Ke was alarmed to see him like this.

She sighed and asked, “You really like that girl, then?”

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng turned to look at him at those words.

Sheng Yize unclenched his fists immediately and lay back down calmly. His tone was chilly but a little frustrated. “Who gave you that idea? She’s so dumb that she wouldn’t know if she was being sold off.”

Lu Ke frowned. “Good. Jiayu and Fengfeng, you two will be going on the upcoming shows. As for Sheng Yize, you’re not going anywhere but staying right here in the hospital to take care of that injury!”



Sheng Yize remained expressionless and kept silent.

Lu Ke didn’t know what to do with him and she also had some other errands to run. Checking the time on her watch, she said, “I’m off, then. Get better.”

“You two should go back, too,” said Sheng Yize blandly.

He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng exchanged a look. Knowing what he was like, they said nothing, and only got up to leave.

They were almost out the door when He Jiayu suddenly turned his head with a gentle smile on his lips. “Do you really not like her? If so, why are you jealous, then?”

It was so obvious that he could smell it in the air.

That tsundere always said no when he meant yes…

Whoosh —

A pillow flew at his handsome face.

He Jiayu caught it easily and chuckled — it seemed he was right.

“You’re here for me?” An Xiaxia looked at Qi Yanxi in confusion.

Qi Yanxi stood awkwardly there for a moment, then suddenly bellowed at her, “That’s right! For you!”

“But why…” An Xiaxia watched him with fear — he hadn’t come up with some new perverted idea to make her life miserable, had he?

Hmph! She would fight back if he tried that again! She could use her teeth if she couldn’t fight him!


An Xiaxia was on red alert and combat ready when Qi Yanxi said after much hesitation, “To have dinner with you. Eating alone is so boring.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

The An family.

Qi Yanxi sat at the table, looking a little uneasy.

Papa An smiled amiably at him, while An Yibei held his chopsticks and gave him cold and murderous looks.

The simple and inattentive An Xiaxia instructed, “Hurry up and eat! My dad is a great cook!”

Qi Yanxi nodded at that and clumsily pushed rice into his mouth with the chopsticks.

He hadn’t used chopsticks much in the past two years abroad and was out of practice now.

“Use this.” The considerate Papa An passed him a spoon, which Qi Yanxi took, overwhelmed by the unexpected kindness. Right after that, An Xiaxia put some carrots in his bowl. “Have some of this!”

Qi Yanxi was moved even more.

How long had it been since he last had dinner with his family?

The warm light, the simple and elegant table cloth, the carefully cooked dishes…

“Kid, enough with that ‘I’m so touched I’m gonna cry’ face. Xiaxia hates carrots the most and she’s only saying that to have you help her finish them,” said An Yibei coldly, which instantly brought Qi Yanxi back to reality.

Qi Yanxi was dazed for a moment before he looked at An Xiaxia, who smiled back at him, looking rather guilty.

Qi Yanxi felt the corner of his mouth twitch. His plan had been to take An Xiaxia out for dinner, but somehow An Xiaxia had brought him home.

Was her older brother so hostile toward him because he had… the wrong idea?

However, it was a happy misunderstanding, for what was going on here felt so much like An Xiaxia bringing him home to meet the parents!

Qi Yanxi dug his spoon into the rice. He was so happy that he could feel bubbles coming out of his head.

An Xiaxia felt a little sorry for what she had done and put a piece of meat in his bowl. She regretted it almost right away and stressed her point with a hiss. “You can have this one, but no more! Stay away from my food!”