Chapter 158: A Uniqueness Beyond Description

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“Xiaxia, you never bring classmates back and this is how you speak to a guest?” Papa An mildly told An Xiaxia off, then put more food in Qi Yanxi’s bowl. “Have some more. Boys will only grow tall with enough food.”

“He’s tall enough! A bit taller and he won’t have enough brains for all that height! Leave it all to me! I’m the one that needs to grow taller!” grumbled An Xiaxia.

Pfft —

Qi Yanxi chuckled and leered at her. “You’re barely 160cm, aren’t you?”

“Your friend Qi Yanxi has just used [Critical Strike] on you.”

An Xiaxia could visualize that line in her head. Utterly frustrated, she glared at Qi Yanxi, then went back to her food without another word.

It turned out to be a very pleasant dinner.

After the meal, An Yibei helped Papa An with the washing up, while An Xiaxia dragged Qi Yanxi downstairs and pushed him out the front door.

“You had your dinner. Time to go!”

Apparently An Xiaxia couldn’t get rid of him soon enough, and Qi Yanxi rubbed his nose at this attitude as he said, “Where’s your conscience? I saved you from all those reporters today, remember?”

“And I’ve thanked you with dinner, so we’re even now. Bye bye!” An Xiaxia said that with her chin raised. She then headed back upstairs.

Qi Yanxi called after her, “Hey, little Dummy Xia, wait.”

“You’re so annoying! Give me another stupid nickname again and I’ll give you one!”

“Oh? What would that be?” Qi Yanxi was smiling with his eyes now and the flickering light in them reminded one of the distant starry night.

“Imbecile Qi! Monster Qi! Barking Qi!” An Xiaxia was so angry that she felt like spitting at him.

“Nice, very nice.” Not only wasn’t Qi Yanxi angry, he nodded approvingly as well. “Regardless of your horrible manner, I still want to say — thank you.”

Thank you for sharing such a rare meal with me.

Thank you for showing up in my life like this.

An Xiaxia couldn’t tell what he was getting at. All along, she was convinced that Qi Yanxi had the worst personality.

Come to think of it now, apart from the occasional prank, he didn’t actually bully her and was even pretty nice to her by his standards.

Now that he was thanking her politely, she was a little bashful as well. Jabbing the tips of her index fingers together, she smiled at him. “Goodbye. Have a safe trip home.”

She then went back upstairs promptly and missed the look in Qi Yanxi’s eyes — he looked so reluctant to leave.

“An Xiaxia, I think I’m falling for you.”


An Xiaxia arrived at school to find a haggard-looking Su Xiaomo with two large dark circles around her eyes.

“Catching up on your deadline again?” she greeted her friend.

“Yeah… fortunately, it’s almost done,” Su Xiaomo replied with a big yawn. “I didn’t even have time for breakfast and I’m starving…”

Before she could finish the sentence, someone beside her passed her a carton of milk. Su Xiaomo was surprised. Her eyes first saw the slender fingers holding the carton, then moved on to He Jiayu’s face which was as gentle as an angel’s.

“Milk?” He Jiayu smiled amiably.

Su Xiaomo nodded repeatedly and almost snatched the milk out of his hand. However, she was so nervous that she couldn’t stick the straw into the carton.

An Xiaxia’s mouth twitched as she watched.

Just as Su Xiaomo flushed with embarrassment, He Jiayu sighed quietly, took the straw from her hand, and poked it through the carton with a steady hand. He smiled, “There you go.”

“Th– thank you!” Su Xiaomo said nervously, then put the straw in her mouth.

One minute later, she finished the milk.

He Jiayu’s smile seemed to have frozen on his face.

He could almost hear someone shouting in his head: bottoms up, bro!

This girl really was… unique beyond description.