Chapter 159: Misunderstanding

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Classes were finished for the day and An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo went to the cheerleading training hand in hand.

The training had been changed to the gym.

The teacher taught them two eight-move sections and asked them to practice them.

An Xiaxia, who had poor coordination, was miserable once more. When everyone else was already doing a great job, she was still having a hard time figuring out which hand or foot to use first.

The girls began to point at her and laughter rang out here and there.

“She can pull all the strings she want, but that won’t change how useless she is.”

“Exactly. I wonder what got into Young Master Qi? Why would he help her?”

“How do you know he was trying to help? Maybe he sent her here so that we could have a good laugh about it.”

An Xiaxia flushed as the girls giggled and snickered. Su Xiaomo was infuriated and bellowed, “Are you done talking? Are you all so perfect at learning everything? If not, shut your mouths!”

She sounded very intimidating and since they all knew she practiced taekwondo, they felt the heat and stopped talking.

Back at home that night, An Xiaxia used the music room on the third floor to practice the cheerleading moves diligently.

Chi Yuanfeng walked in humming a tune with a bottle of water in his hand. Seeing An Xiaxia’s clumsy moves, he broke into laughter. “Xiaxia, are you holding a seance? You look ridiculous!”

An Xiaxia felt like crying. “I’m cheerleading…”

OMG, bad choice of words! Chi Yuanfeng covered his mouth immediately. Seeing that An Xiaxia was covered in sweat, he couldn’t help but offer, “Tell me about your moves and let’s see if I can do them.”

“Oh, sure!” An Xiaxia talked him through it and with a little practice, Chi Yuanfeng’s moves turned out to be quite presentable!

“Wow, you’re so good at this!” An Xiaxia was astonished.

Chi Yuanfeng rubbed his nose proudly. He was the one known for dance in the group.

“Well, let me teach you. Follow my moves!” As Chi Yuanfeng demonstrated, An Xiaxia followed. With Chi Yuanfeng constantly correcting her moves, An Xiaxia finally didn’t look as clumsy.

An Xiaxia happily gave Chi Yuanfeng a hug. “Fengfeng, I did it! They won’t laugh at me tomorrow! Aww! I’m so happy!”

Chi Yuanfeng felt like he had just frozen on the spot. He chuckled. “It’s nothing. Feel free to come to me anytime for instruction on your moves!”


As the two chatted happily, An Xiaxia suddenly felt a chilly sensation on her back. She couldn’t help but turn around to check. She then stood there in a daze.

Sheng Yize was watching them with an expressionless face while holding a paper cup with some coffee in it.

An Xiaxia let go of Chi Yuanfeng right away and tried to explain, but Sheng Yize had briskly walked away.

“Sheng Yize…” she called out in a tiny voice as a strange feeling welled up inside her.

For some unknown reason, she didn’t want Sheng Yize to misunderstand her relationship with Chi Yuanfeng…

What she could only do now was to explain to Chi Yuanfeng first.

“Sorry… I was too excited. And, Fengfeng, I think of you as my BFF, but nothing else,” An Xiaxia explained awkwardly.

The smile vanished from Chi Yuanfeng’s face as he forced out a laugh. “That’s alright, Xiaxia. I know.”

He knew that An Xiaxia didn’t like him in that way.

Crestfallen, he looked at the spot where Sheng Yize had been standing. An Xiaxia was so afraid that Brother Yize would misunderstand her, so did it mean that Brother Yize was the person she liked?

An Xiaxia walked to Sheng Yize’s room and was about to knock on the door, but withdrew her hand almost immediately, looking perplexed.

She didn’t know what to say… well, forget it.

On the other side of the door, Sheng Yize was squeezing the paper cup so tightly that he didn’t even realize that the coffee had splashed all over his hand.