Chapter 16: I Already Said Don’t Mess With Me! (1)

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Her gaze was filled with a jealous fury and she looked as if she was on fire!

She liked Sheng Yize so much that she was about to go crazy!

Only the heavens knew how excited she was to be able to go to the same school as him! However, first there was that rooftop incident where An Xiaxia had insulted her, and today, she found out that Sheng Yize had taken An Xiaxia outside for a talk alone.

How could her Prince Charming, her idol, possibly take an interest in such an average girl?

An Xiaxia must have done something and deliberately seduced Sheng Yize!

When women became jealous, it was a horrifying thing. Jian Xin’er had gathered a couple of her friends and calculated the right time to corner An Xiaxia in the washroom.

Her full power was in this one slap, and if it connected, An Xiaxia’s face would surely hurt for days even if it didn’t swell up!

An Xiaxia and Kang Jian had grown up roughhousing together all the time, so her reflexes were above those of the average girl. While she looked shocked at this sudden turn in events, she quick stepped to one side.

A sound reverberated through the air. Not only did Jian Xin’er’s palm miss the target, she also embarrassingly smashed into the door of a cubicle.

“You dare dodge?!” She screamed her anger at the top of her lungs.

An Xiaxia found the woman ridiculous. She wasn’t stupid. If she couldn’t win in a fight, why wouldn’t she dodge?

Did she take her for a blockhead?

“Hey, are you guys misunderstanding something? You can’t go around hitting people for no reason!” An Xiaxia said helplessly.

“Hmph! You really are a slut!” Ding Yiyi viciously insulted as she exchanged a look with the indifferent girl Li Canxing. They then pinned An Xiaxia against the wooden door of the cubicle.

Jian Xin’er smiled very wickedly and aimed a slap at her a second time.

An Xiaxia tilted her head to the side and the slap landed on the side of her face. She felt a hot painful sensation, making her suck in a breath.

She ground her teeth. “I’m warning you, don’t mess with me. I’ve been trained!”

“Tch, so what if you have.” Jian Xin’er was unmoved by her words, and arrogantly peered at An Xiaxia before raising her hand to slap her again.

She stopped halfway and said with a smile, “Actually, I feel there’s something else that suits you even more~”

She retrieved a bottle of sparkling water from her bag and opened it. She then directly poured the liquid over An Xiaxia’s head.

Ice-cold water rushed down from the top of her head. Although An Xiaxia wanted to dodge, she couldn’t and her entire body experienced that commercial jingle: heart cooling, spirit flying 1.

“Hey! That’s enough!” An Xiaxia struggled with all her might.

The three girls gloated together.

By now, An Xiaxia’s black hair was half wet while her school uniform was mostly drenched. She couldn’t look more wretched.

Jian Xin’er smirked. “So obedient. It seems that you like it. In that case, I’ll splash you with another bottle, alright?”

Her voice was warm and gentle but it only made An Xiaxia’s heart tremble in fear.

Jian Xin’er turned around and went to fill the bottle in the sink.

Ding Yiyi laughed loudly and her grip on An Xiaxia loosened. An Xiaxia took the chance to struggle free before pushing Li Canxing away. She then desperately ran toward the door.

“Quick, catch her!”

Jian Xin’er tried to block her with her hand, but An Xiaxia still managed to push past her.

The trio chased her relentlessly and viciously from behind, almost catching up.

An Xiaxia looked around and saw a bucket of water by the sinks. It was filled with dirty water which should be what the cleaning auntie used to mop the floor.

She lifted the bucket and splashed the water at Jian Xin’er and the others.

The trio happened to be huddled together just then and the bucket of dirty water fell all over them!

Panting, An Xiaxia enunciated each of her following words: “I already said don’t mess with me!”