Chapter 160: Be My Girlfriend (1)

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The next day.

An Xiaxia listened absentmindedly to the teacher, distracted by the empty seat beside her.

According to He Jiayu, Sheng Yize had moved back home to rest and wouldn’t be at school for a while.

Seeing how lost in thought she was, Qi Yanxi knitted his dark eyebrows.

Noon time, in the school canteen.

An Xiaxia was having lunch with Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian.

Kang Jian took An Xiaxia’s favorite sweet and sour fillet from her plate, but she didn’t even blink an eye.

He was astonished. “Xiaxia Wifey, what’s wrong with you?”

An Xiaxia had given up her meat! Was it the end of the world?

“Dummy Xia, something is really wrong with you today. What’s going on?” Su Xiaomo was concerned as well.

An Xiaxia shook her head. She then felt a prick on her forehead.

“Ah —”

Looking up, she saw Qi Yanxi humming after breaking the shell of a boiled egg on her head.

Qi Yanxi then peeled the egg unhurriedly as An Xiaxia hissed at him, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Your head looked perfect for breaking an egg,” said Qi Yanxi in his roguish manner.

The little good impression he had given An Xiaxia soon dwindled to nothing again.

“Why, let’s eat together,” Qi Yanxi said casually as he sat down and crossed his long legs.

An Xiaxia shot him an angry glance and lost her appetite. She rose to her feet with her tray and was about to leave.

Qi Yanxi frowned and dark clouds seemed to gather around him. Just as the others thought he was going to lose his temper, he put on a smile again. “I have a game this afternoon. Come and cheer for me.”

An Xiaxia darted him a suspicious look; with how lame he was, would the coach allow him to play?

She nodded carelessly and went back to the classroom, still moping.

That afternoon.

The cheer squad gathered together and went to cheer on the basketball team in the stadium.

Qixia was playing on home ground today against the team from No. 37 High School in their city.

Both teams assembled, the referee blew the whistle, and the game began!

An Xiaxia waved her pompoms in low spirits and glanced at the game in passing. She realized in surprise that Qi Yanxi was the main player of Qixia’s team!

OMG! What was going on here?

The game that followed only shocked her more. That Qi Yanxi who couldn’t even make a single successful shot and kept having her pick up the balls was now playing effortlessly like an NBA star. He performed intercepts, crossovers, slam dunks… he was slaughtering the players from No. 37!

At half-time, the No. 37 players eyed Qi Yanxi provokingly, and he shrugged it off. He even defiantly bumped the main player of the other team on the shoulder.

The other player clenched his fist and restrained himself from hitting him.

The game in the second half grew even fiercer. No. 37 organized several rounds of counterattacks, but were single-handedly stopped by Qi Yanxi. He even acted as if he was teasing the other team. As a forward, he went all the way to the three-point line and shot from there.

Whoosh —

After six three-pointers in a row, the No. 37 team was in despair. Their movements slowed down, resulting in an even bloodier massacre by the Qixia team.

The game finished with Qixia winning by over fifty points. Qi Yanxi whistled and strode over to the cheer squad.

“Aaah! Young Master Qi, you’re so awesome!”

“You’re unbelievable! The Ace of Qixia!”

The shrieks tore at An Xiaxia’s eardrums.

She opened her mouth slightly and looked at him in disbelief.

“Qi Yanxi, so you could shoot…” she mumbled.

Qi Yanxi raised his chin arrogantly.

Before he could swagger some more, An Xiaxia punched him in the face and said indignantly, “And you pretended you couldn’t to make me pick up the balls! You bastard!!”