Chapter 161: Be My Girlfriend (2)

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Qi Yanxi didn’t expect her to get angry and the fist landed squarely on him.

With her puny strength, it was by no means painful. However, he stumbled back deliberately, fell to the ground, and put on a miserable face. “Ah! You’re killing me. Little Dummy Xia, you’re heartless…”

The surrounding girls drew in their breaths and An Xiaxia was dumbfounded herself.

The fellow was stronger than a bull. How could he fall down at her strike?

Dumbfounded as she was, An Xiaxia’s first reaction was still to help him up. However, Qi Yanxi took her hand and yanked her into his arms.

“Hey, you people, turn the other way now. One more look and you’re expelled!” Qi Yanxi ordered grumpily, meaning every word he said. The others dared not question him and everyone turned to face the other way.

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia struggled in his arms. The faint smell of sweat and the clean smell of soap coming from the teenager filled her nostrils.

“An Xiaxia, do you have any idea how skillful one has to be to miss every single shot?” he said with satisfaction while rubbing An Xiaxia’s hair, using too much strength that he messed up her ponytail.

“Qi Yanxi! Let go of me!” An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and shouted.

“Nope.” He just wanted to hold An Xiaxia.

He wanted to do it, so he did it.

He had spent all eighteen years of his unrestrained life like this.

“An Xiaxia, be my girlfriend,” said Qi Yanxi half-jokingly.

An Xiaxia froze at those words and went into a daze. She then came back to herself and bit Qi Yanxi’s arm hard.

Qi Yanxi released her from his arms at the pain. An Xiaxia then scrambled to her feet and ran away.

Face dark, Qi Yanxi pushed himself up with one hand, but was then blocked by another tall figure.

Kang Jian looked grimly at him and said in a hostile tone, “Stay away from An Xiaxia, or you’ll have to answer to me.”

“You? Threatening me?” Qi Yanxi pursed his lips scornfully. The next second, Kang Jian’s punch landed on his face.

The two tussled on the ground right away. Infuriated, Su Xiaomo also took the opportunity to give Qi Yanxi a few good kicks.

All hell broke loose and the stadium was filled with the shrieks of the girls and the bellowing shouts of the boys. The rest of the basketball team also came up to them to break the fight. The slaughtered No. 37 team ended up having a good laugh over it.

However, An Xiaxia knew nothing of this.

The An family.

An Xiaxia felt her head spin and everything was in a muddle.

Qi Yanxi had just asked her to be his girlfriend? He had to be nuts!

What a day! She poured herself a glass of water and was gulping it down when she caught a glimpse of Sheng Yize coming downstairs. She choked on the water right away and went into a fit of coughing.

“Sheng… Sheng Yize, shouldn’t you be resting?” she asked, patting her chest.

Sheng Yize acted as if she wasn’t there. He took a bottle of sparkling water out of the fridge and went back up.

An Xiaxia was vexed. She quickened her steps and grabbed a corner of his clothes. “Sheng Yize!”

Sheng Yize looked back and lifted an eyelid nonchalantly.

“Hands off me.”

An Xiaxia put down her hand in bewilderment and jabbed the tips of her index fingers together uneasily. “How is your wound?”

Sheng Yize eyed her for a moment before answering, “It’s not a big deal.”

“Then, are you coming to school tomorrow?” An Xiaxia asked expectantly.

Sheng Yize replied without thinking, “No.”


Sheng Yize suddenly smiled, but it was a very cold smile. “Because I don’t want to see you.”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes right away. She opened her mouth, but couldn’t utter a word.

He actually… hated her…