Chapter 162: That Bitch An Xiaxia

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Seeing An Xiaxia’s teary face, Sheng Yize’s eyebrows creased tightly and his eyes flickered unnoticeably.

Damn it, he was softening again.

“Why are you crying?” he said unhappily.

An Xiaxia sniveled and managed to calm herself down. “I’m not! Sheng Yize, get well soon. I’m going back to my room.”

She strode into her room, slamming the door behind her.

Diving onto her bed, An Xiaxia burst into indignant tears.

Sheng Yize was so obnoxious!

He was the worst person in the world!

She rolled over, sat up, opened her computer, and logged into her account. She then picked a Berserker avatar and went on to chop up other avatars with its huge saber.

Slash! Hack!

It seemed that only such a violent outburst could drown out the sadness in her heart.

But… why was she sad?

The following day, An Xiaxia arrived at school in low spirits. Glancing around, she realized that Kang Jian was absent.

“Where’s Worthless Kang?” she asked Su Xiaomo idly.

Su Xiaomo forced out a smile. “Oh… he’s sick. He’s taking a sick leave of absence.”

Qi Yanxi sneered. “Yeah, sure. Of course he’s sick after the punches I gave him.”

What? An Xiaxia looked at Qi Yanxi in astonishment. Why had he hit Kang Jian?

“With that look you’re giving me, I’m gonna get really upset.” Qi Yanxi smiled a little with a teasing look on his face. “An Xiaxia, are you going to be my girlfriend? Or, I can have the principal give Kang Jian a disciplinary warning.”

“You!” An Xiaxia was disgusted.

He was threatening her with that!

Seeing An Xiaxia shake with anger, Qi Yanxi looked a little crestfallen, but he wouldn’t change his cocky tone. “I’ll give you one day to consider it.”

An Xiaxia sat back in her seat and forced herself to go back to studying despite her urge to chop Qi Yanxi into pieces.

However, a lot of students were secretly playing with their phones today.

Everyone was following a popular post on the school bbs —

[Young Master Qi confesses his love! Pics included!]

In the post was a picture of Qi Yanxi lying on the floor yesterday with An Xiaxia in his arms.

The low resolution photo seemed to have been taken secretly, but one could still clearly make out their faces.

The bbs erupted at this post and there were over a thousand comments.

Mu Li stared at her phone for a moment before putting it away. Her fingers trembled.

Ding Yiyi was so angry that her chubby cheeks shook.

“That bitch An Xiaxia!” she cursed under her breath.

Jian Xin’er rolled her pretty eyes and said, “Yiyi, I remember that you like Young Master Qi a lot… Isn’t An Xiaxia stealing him from you?”

“She’ll pay for this!” Ding Yiyi clenched her fists and put on an intimidating tone.

Jian Xin’er and Li Canxing exchanged a look, both gloating over her reaction.

They were looking forward to the enraged Ding Yiyi’s reaction.

An Xiaxia went to the washroom during recess.

She sat there in a daze for a while, got up, and was about to go out.

However, the door wouldn’t open. Someone seemed to have blocked it from the outside.

“Anyone there? Please open the door!” An Xiaxia shook the door, but no one answered.

With a splash, a basin of cold water was poured over her from above. An Xiaxia had nowhere to run to avoid it and was instantly soaking wet.

The chill ran through her bones. She let out a cry and kept pounding on the door. She could faintly make out someone snickering outside, but nobody came for her.

An Xiaxia wiped the water away from her face and felt like breaking down.

Why? Why were they doing this to her?