Chapter 163: Shut Up and Go Back to Your Lecture!

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About five minutes later, An Xiaxia finally calmed down, took out her grandpa mobile phone, and called Su Xiaomo for help.

Su Xiaomo promptly arrived to find the door blocked by a mop — no wonder An Xiaxia couldn’t open it.

She pulled the door open and saw An Xiaxia huddled in a corner, looking miserable.

“Xiaxia…” Su Xiaomo was fuming. “Who did this to you?! F**k! They better not let me find out, or I’ll stick their head in the toilet!”

An Xiaxia smiled weakly at her. “Momo, can you write a request for leave for me? I – I need to go home…”

She was on the verge of crying at the end of her words.

Nobody could remain calm after what had happened.

Su Xiaomo sighed. “Of course. Go back now, I’ll write it for you.”

With her clothes this wet, she would be laughed at if she went back to the classroom.

An Xiaxia nodded and walked out on shaky legs.

Su Xiaomo went along to write her request for leave. After she put in the request and returned to the classroom, thunder rumbled outside, then it began to rain.

Su Xiaomo bolted up, and the teacher tapped the rostrum with a pointer. “Su Xiaomo, you’re disrespecting your teacher! Sit down!”

Su Xiaomo said anxiously, “Sir, An Xiaxia is taking a leave of absence to go back home, but she doesn’t have an umbrella…”

“That’s her business. What you need to do now is focus on studying! Disturb the class again and you don’t have to come to my class anymore!” the puritanical and strict teacher reprimanded. Su Xiaomo had no choice but to sit back down with her fists clenched.

Xiaxia should be on the bus by now… she would probably stay out of the rain.

There was suddenly a noise of a desk and a chair hitting the floor at the back of the classroom. Su Xiaomo turned around and saw Qi Yanxi kick over a desk. He then strode to her side. “What did you just say? An Xiaxia took a leave of absence?”

She was avoiding him! That damn little woman! Did she think he was bluffing about the disciplinary warning?

Su Xiaomo was as short-tempered as he was. She smacked her desk and bolted up. “Stop yelling at me! Xiaxia was locked in the bathroom and someone poured cold water all over her! Are you saying she should come back here to be laughed at instead of going back home to change her clothes?”

Qi Yanxi narrowed his eyes. Did someone try to bully An Xiaxia?

“You two, that’s enough!” Fuming, the teacher patted his chest and thought he was going to have a stroke.

Qi Yanxi looked around the room and said coldly. “You better not let me find out, or I’m gonna do the same thing to you tenfold, no, a hundredfold!”

He walked out of the classroom with his hands in his pockets.

The teacher dared not stop him and instead lashed out at Su Xiaomo. “You – you…”

“I what! Shut up and go back to you lecture!” Su Xiaomo sat back down grumpily, and the whole class eyed her with reverence.

Holy crap! That was bold!

Even He Jiayu, who had thought about giving her a hand, was speechless at this.

Gosh, this Su Xiaomo…

After some consideration, he chuckled.

Looking out the window, he could see Qi Yanxi running in the rain. The look on his face turned grim as he took out his phone and sent a message to Sheng Yize.

Qi Yanxi searched around like a headless chicken and finally found An Xiaxia at a nearby bus stop.

The station looked dilapidated and was leaking. An Xiaxia was soaking wet. Her face had gone bloodless from the cold and she was shivering.

“That little fool!” He cursed under his breath, strode to her side, and grabbed her by the shoulder. “An Xiaxia! You little fool!”

An Xiaxia didn’t have the strength to fight him at the moment. Her eyelashes trembled a little as she said quietly, “Hm, whatever you say.”