Chapter 165: Be Quiet And Go Back to Sleep

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“Hey, take me with you!” Qi Yanxi jumped up, but the only response he got was the splatter of muddy water as the Porsche drove off.

Young Master Qi gave the Porsche an angry finger.

Back in the car, Sheng Yize held An Xiaxia in his arms and wrapped a thin blanket around her. He kept urging the driver, “Drive faster!”

Covered in cold sweat, the driver floored the gas pedal. The car shot off like a bat out of hell.

The hospital.

“Miss An’s condition isn’t serious. She fainted because she caught a cold and was weakened by the sickness. She should wake up after the IV…” The doctor left after those words.

Sheng Yize let out a breath of relief and couldn’t help but sigh when he turned to look at the pale-faced An Xiaxia lying in bed.

The little dummy never knew how to look after herself properly.

He saw her taken away by Qi Yanxi and he saw her giving Chi Yuanfeng a hug. Each time, he told himself that it might be better for her to be with someone else.

But in the end, he couldn’t let it happen.

He held An Xiaxia’s hand with the IV in it in his palm, warming it with his body temperature.

He ended up sitting there for hours.

When the last IV was halfway through, An Xiaxia’s long lashes flickered and she finally woke up.

She was shocked when she realized it was Sheng Yize sitting beside her.

“Sheng Yize…” Her voice was a little hoarse.

“Hm.” It seemed forever when he replied.

An Xiaxia asked sheepishly, “Why are you here?”

“You fainted and I brought you to the hospital,” he explained in an indifferent voice. An Xiaxia was a little frustrated by his tone, but she then felt the warmth on her left hand.

She turned to look and saw that Sheng Yize was holding her hand!

Sheng Yize also realized it. He was going to draw his hand back, but after a thought, only held it tighter.

An Xiaxia stammered, “You… you…” Ahh! Why was he holding her hand?! What was going on here?

Sheng Yize made it sound perfectly normal. “Your hand is too cold and cold hands swell easily with an IV in them.”

It sounded completely reasonable at first, but something seemed off when she thought it over…

Sheng Yize didn’t give her time to think, though. He pulled the duvet over her face with his other hand. “Be quiet and go back to sleep.”

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia’s muffled sound come from under the duvet. After what had happened in the past two days, she was indeed too exhausted to recognize the odd look on Sheng Yize’s face. She closed her eyes and soon fell asleep again.

Sheng Yize’s face remained expressionless as he held her small hand. However, the skin behind his ears had turned pink…

Outside the door, Qi Yanxi was challenging the bodyguards.

“Hey, my friend is lying in there. Why can’t I go in to see her?” bellowed Qi Yanxi.

The bodyguards kept their poker faces. “I’m sorry, but we’re only following Young Master Sheng’s orders.”

Qi Yanxi felt like headbutting the wall. That bastard!

“I just want to check if she’s awake!” Qi Yanxi tried to bargain, but the bodyguards wouldn’t be swayed. Qi Yanxi couldn’t fight them both and could only stand there and glare at them.

His phone rang at this time. He looked at it and saw that it was from Mu Li.

He picked it up.

“Young Master, there’s a family banquet tonight. Please come back to attend it.”

He was in a foul mood to begin with and the call made him snap. “Mu Li, who the hell do you think you are? Since when did you take up the position of my old man’s secretary in addition to being a maid?”

At those words, Mu Li’s face drained of all color. Qi Yanxi hung up right away, then dialed the number for the bodyguards of the Qi family.

Ten minutes later, Qi Yanxi brushed his fringe off his face in a cocky manner and swaggered up to the bodyguards that had stopped him. “Are you still going to stop me now? I’d like to see you try!”