Chapter 166: You Worthless Piece of Shit

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Behind him was a row of bodyguards in black suits who outnumbered Sheng Yize’s bodyguards severalfold.

All the bodyguards eyed one another in embarrassment.

Qi Yanxi kicked the door open and was struck dumb by what he saw.

Sheng Yize was holding An Xiaxia’s hand, while An Xiaxia seemed to be dreaming, since she kept moaning in a tiny voice.

He could faintly make out her words: “Sheng Yize, don’t go. Don’t leave me behind…”

Qi Yanxi stood frozen on the spot and was greatly hurt.

Hearing the noise, Sheng Yize looked back and gave him an icy stare. “What?”

Qi Yanxi clenched his fists. “Did she wake up?”

“Yes, but she’s sleeping now. I don’t mind a fight, but let’s not wake her.” Sheng Yize tucked An Xiaxia’s hand into the duvet and rose to his feet.

Qi Yanxi chuckled in a self-mocking tone. “What’s the point?”

It was indeed exactly like two years ago. All the girls he liked would eventually fall for Sheng Yize.

He looked at An Xiaxia lying there and raised one dark eyebrow. A look that was hard to describe flickered in his eyes.

Shortly afterward, he turned around and left.

If she couldn’t like him, then let her hate him.

The Qi family.

Father Qi sat at the head on one end of the long dining table and looked at the empty seat. His face twitched with anger.

Qi Yanxi was brought back by the people whom Father Qi had sent out.

“You’re a big man now, are you? How dare you ignore my order and make a scene out there with those bodyguards! You worthless piece of shit!” A golf club in hand, he beat Qi Yanxi with it.

Qi Yanxi kept dodging it. However, his old man was fit and quick, so a hit or two inevitably landed on his body. He drew in a painful breath.

Mu Li stood in a corner and felt her heart almost stop beating.

“Oh my, Master, Yanxi is still a kid and kids are naughty like that. Don’t get angry and don’t hit him anymore…” Lu He, Qi Yanxi’s stepmother, went up to Father Qi, acting as if she was going to stop him. However, her words said otherwise. “I heard he only hit Young Master Sheng because of a girl…”

Qi Yanxi was struck by those words and glared at Lu He.

Damn. He knew it! The woman had investigated him privately!

Father Qi was all the more infuriated at those words and began to hit Qi Yanxi mercilessly. “Wasting your life on useless pleasures and chasing after woman! What have I done to deserve a son like you?!”

“It’s better than that boy-chasing older brother of mine. Why aren’t you hitting him?” Qi Yanxi sneered.

Father Qi almost gnashed his own teeth into dust and swung the club down again.

Qi Yanxi stood ramrod straight and wouldn’t dodge.

Crack —

The club was broken in half and Qi Yanxi knelt down on the floor with a grunt.

All hell broke loose. While the butler hurried to call their family doctor, Lu He went to fetch the blood pressure pills for Father Qi; a gloating smile flashed across her face.

Mu Li went over to help Qi Yanxi up and heard the teenager’s lonely voice. “Why don’t you just beat me to death? You all find me annoying, but I find you all f**king disgusting!”

At that moment, Mu Li had never felt so sad in her life.

She felt so sorry for him, but there was nothing she could do.

When An Xiaxia woke up again, it was dark outside.

Her IV was finished and Sheng Yize was sitting beside her reading a newspaper. His dark pupils went to her when he sensed that she had woken up. He looked right into her clear and innocent eyes.

Their eyes met and an awkwardness filled the air.

After much hesitation, An Xiaxia finally said gingerly, “Um… I want to go home…”

At this, Sheng Yize went up to her right away and picked her up with both arms.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. Holy crap! Was Sheng Yize carrying her now?

And in a princess carry?!