Chapter 167: So You Don’t Hate Me? Really?

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“Um… Sheng Yize, I can walk,” she reminded him, cheeks flushing.

Sheng Yize turned a deaf ear to her words and carried her out anyway.

The hospital was run by the Sheng Group, which made it possible for Sheng Yize to carry An Xiaxia all the way to his car without any hindrance.

He was going to stuff An Xiaxia into the car right away when she wrapped her arms around his neck involuntarily, fearing that she might bump her head.

Sheng Yize went rigid for two seconds before coming back to himself again. This time, his movements were much gentler.

He put the safety belt on for An Xiaxia, wrapped a blanket tightly around her, then sat down next to her and took out his phone, doing god knew what.

An Xiaxia huddled up timidly in the blanket and would look up every now and then, but dared not disturb Sheng Yize.

When she peeped at Sheng Yize for what seemed like the hundredth time, Sheng Yize’s lazy and deep voice rang out. “Why are you looking at me?”

An Xiaxia giggled and blinked her big eyes. “What are you doing there?” With that, she moved closer, but stopped at what she saw.

Um… what sort of hobby was that? Sheng Yize was staring at an empty screen on his phone.

Was it because he was also so embarrassed that he had to cover it up by playing with his phone?

Sheng Yize put away his phone as if nothing happened and turned to look at An Xiaxia. “Why? You want to say something to me?”

That baffled An Xiaxia. Rubbing her chin, she forced a smile. “Sheng Yize, what did I do to make you hate me so much?”

What was it, then?

Sheng Yize couldn’t answer the question himself.

The name An Xiaxia only brought back all the beautiful memories related to her.

And that name had given him nothing but warmth.

He never disliked her. Only that the feelings he had for her were so out of reach that he had to fake his indifference to keep himself away from her.

An Xiaxia waited for his answer anxiously and it was a long while before he said quietly, “I don’t.”

The dull look on her little face turned into one of jubilation. “Really? So you don’t hate me?”

Sheng Yize gave her a little nod after a moment’s hesitation.

An Xiaxia jabbed the tips of her index fingers together, summoned up her courage, and looked at him with twinkling eyes. “Then could you stop ignoring me from now on?”

The corners of Sheng Yize’s mouth curled upward and he gave her a quiet “hm.”

The little dummy simply had a magic he couldn’t resist.

An Xiaxia leaned on the window and couldn’t stop giggling.

It felt as sweet as a reconciliation between best friends after a big fallout.

The next day.

An Xiaxia went downstairs and was about to head out for school when she saw Sheng Yize come down with his school bag as well.

She was taken aback. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting for your injury?”

“I’ll be fine, as long as I stay away from strenuous exercise,” he replied lightly. “Morning, An Xiaxia.”

Looking at the stunning teenager in the morning sunlight, An Xiaxia smiled back. “Morning!”

After his long absence, Sheng Yize’s reappearance stirred up the girls in class again. They went up to him with love letters, gifts, or study problems… An Xiaxia’s seat was completely drowned in the crowd.

An Xiaxia found it so annoying and she had to protest for ages before someone finally gave her back her seat.

The girls only returned to their seats reluctantly when the bell rang.

An Xiaxia was so disgruntled that she had puffed up her cheeks. Sheng Yize pushed a box of chocolates toward her, asking in a half-coaxing and half-casual tone, “Do you want this?”

Glutton Xia gnawed her fingers and nodded, not even trying to resist the temptation.

The scheming fellow then raised an eyebrow. “You want it? You can’t have it!”

An Xiaxia: (#‵′) !!!