Chapter 170: When There’s Comparison, There’s Humiliation

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An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo asked in unison.

Mu Li chewed on her lip and chose her words carefully before saying, “He was injured because of some family affair… That was why he couldn’t come to the game. He’s a short-tempered and stubborn person and never explains anything to other people, so everyone thought he was only being capricious when he didn’t show up. Actually, he’s been practicing until very late everyday before this!”

At that, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo felt silent.

It turned out that they had been mistaken about Qi Yanxi…

Family affair… it couldn’t have been domestic violence, could it? An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo exchanged a look and saw the concern in each other’s eyes.

“We’ve lost a game and our ranking has dropped a lot. The next game is against Chenjiang and they’re the strongest school team in Yu City. If we lose again, we’ll be eliminated, right?” An Xiaxia sighed.

Chenjiang was even stronger than Shengyin. How could they possibly win?

“Chenjian has Tang Yu… the fiend and the top player in the district team. I bet he’ll make it into the national team in a few years!” Su Xiaomo wailed.

There was no hope for Qixia with such a team as their opponent!

The cheer squad had their practice as usual, but no one was in the mood and everyone simply stood around.

The coach was fully aware of the current situation and could only dismiss the squad early so that they could go home and adjust their mindset.

Meanwhile, the basketball team was also practicing dispiritedly.

They all knew that Qixia’s wins were built on Qi Yanxi’s attack, Kang Jian’s defense, and the captain Ling Jiye’s three-pointers. Now that the first two were absent, it was only natural that morale was low.

A tall figure walked toward them with steady steps and a calm face.

He stood in front of Ling Jiye and smiled at the surprised faces around him.

“Hello. I’m here to — join the basketball team.”

An Xiaxia was stuck on another difficult question while doing her homework that night.

She tried to search for help online, but the question was too unconventional and the search came back empty.

Who should she ask? Papa An? He was probably still busy in the coffee shop. An Yibei? Hm… no, he would definitely laugh at her!

After much consideration, An Xiaxia finally took the familiar trip upstairs with her exercise book and knocked on Sheng Yize’s door.

“Come in.” At the concise reply, An Xiaxia pushed the door open and stuck her little head in.

Sheng Yize darted a look in her direction at the sound and was visibly surprised to find An Xiaxia there.

He paused the video playing on his computer and rose to his feet. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know how to do this problem…” An Xiaxia said sheepishly.

“Dummy!” The one-word evaluation shattered An Xiaxia’s fragile little heart.

“I’m a dummy compared with you. When there’s comparison, there’s humiliation…” An Xiaxia had accepted that fact by now.

Sheng Yize took her exercise book. “Which problem?”

An Xiaxia pointed with her fair and soft finger. Sheng Yize gave the problem a quick glance, then explained it to her.

An Xiaxia’s eyes shifted to the computer on his desk.

Wait, weren’t those basketball tactics?

“Why are you watching this?” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but ask.

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes, then gave her a stern look. “What do you think I should watch, then?”

“Um…” According to Kang Jian, boys their age all watched films with a little “action.” Was that the case with Sheng Yize as well?

An Xiaxia imagined Sheng Yize watching porn in her head and chuckled involuntarily.

Pat, pat, pat —

Sheng Yize tapped the table with her exercise book and couldn’t stand it anymore. “Stop laughing or I’m throwing you out!”