Chapter 171: Qixia vs Chenjiang (1)

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An Xiaxia covered her mouth in fear and mumbled through her fingers, “Go back to the problem… the problem…”

Sheng Yize managed to remain patient and talked her through the problem again. An Xiaxia then thanked him repeatedly and was ready to leave.

She was already at the door when she looked back. “Sheng Yize, um… Are you busy these days?”

“Hm?” He did have a full schedule lately, but they were all unimportant shows that he could decline with some excuse just for her. Ideas were already starting to form in his head.

“Do you want to go watch a movie with me?” An Xiaxia asked in high spirits.

She covered her mouth in embarrassment immediately after that.

Gosh! What did she just say?

Did she just ask Sheng Yize out to a movie?

Bah! Something must be wrong with her head from not sleeping well last night! It must be a hallucination!

However, that was exactly what she wanted wholeheartedly… A small voice seemed to be whispering in her ear: Go to a movie with Sheng Yize — it’ll be awesome…

“Th- that was a slip of the tongue… I was going to say let’s watch TV together… Aaah, no, that’s not it! I don’t want to watch with you! I don’t want to watch! I don’t want to watch anything!” An Xiaxia waved her hands and explained hastily.

However, Sheng Yize chuckled at this and his smile made An Xiaxia blush and feel perplexed.

It seemed forever when An Xiaxia finally heard his quiet reply. “All right. It’s a deal.”

Was it a hallucination or a dream?

It was only when An Xiaxia returned downstairs to her room in a daze that she realized that Sheng Yize had said yes to her invitation!


That Friday, a large crowd filled Qixia’s sports hall, making it a somewhat heroically tragic scene.

Even with the knowledge that they were going to lose, the students still came to cheer for their home team. After a while, the basketball team was in high spirits.

An Xiaxia went along with the other cheerleaders for their performance, after which was Chenjiang High School’s march-in ceremony.

The people from Chenjiang walked in wearing their blue and white sportswear, looking as fresh as the blue sky and white clouds. The Chenjiang basketball team then entered the stadium at an unhurried pace, as if they weren’t here for a match, but merely for a casual walk around.

Su Xiaomo rambled softly in An Xiaxia’s ear, giving her the information she had just obtained. “The one leading the team is Tang Yu, their captain and the ace of the basketball team. He made it into the district team before and his skills aren’t to be underestimated. The other players all have their own merits as well. All in all, we have a very tough opponent here… Their overall ranking is already in the top 10 and if nothing unexpected happens, they and the team from Zhanlan High School in Jiang City will be the ones entering the final round.”

An elite team like this was enough to make everyone flustered.

Moreover… word on the street was that the Qixia and Chenjiang middle schools had had a fight before over the basketball teams, making the two sides archenemies.

And it was only natural that enemies would be met with eyes blazing with hatred.

With Ling Jiye in the lead, the players of Qixia walked onto the court with a sombre air.

The two competing teams stood there face to face and it was obvious that Qixia lost out in vigor.

Just then, Kang Jian joined the team, smiling broadly as he shook out his wrists and ankles.

The cheerleaders and the audience erupted at this!

An Xiaxia was elated as well! Great! Kang Jian had recovered! With him, they stood a better chance of winning.

However, the other side’s star player Tang Yu didn’t even raise an eyebrow at this. He only nodded a little at Ling Jiye in greeting. Despite the politeness, it was obvious that he didn’t think much of Qixia.

It wasn’t until another tall figure showed up that Tang Yu finally looked a little shaken.

Under the gaze of the entire school, Sheng Yize walked onto the basketball court bouncing a ball before coming to a stop in the center of the court.

That was the place saved for — Qixia’s main player!