Chapter 172: Qixia vs Chenjiang (2)

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A hush fell over the audience as they watched the god-like teenager walk in. Every bounce of the ball felt like a drumbeat knocking on their hearts.

The cheerleaders were the first ones to come back to themselves and they began to chant at the teacher’s instructions.

“Go Qixia! Go Qixia!”

The cheering inspired the others and some students in the audience chimed in. “Go Qixia — Go Qixia —”

The chanting went on and gradually took over the entire hall. Right there and then, all the students of Qixia had abandoned their differences as they cheered loudly together —

“Go Qixia! Go! Go! Go!”

All that confidence stemmed from that dazzling teenager in the middle of the crowd.

An Xiaxia’s mouth fell open, for she was panic-stricken at Sheng Yize’s arrival.

She should feel happy, for she had witnessed Sheng Yize’s basketball skills before. Coupled with his unparalleled popularity, his mere presence seemed to promise them a favorable result.

But… her first reaction was: he hadn’t recovered from his injury yet…

Why would that bastard do this every time… He joined the game despite his injury and impressed everyone with his perfect cool guy image. She had to admit that he was handsome and cool, but why did she feel like crying so much…

“Hey, why are you crying?” Someone spoke to her in a soft and gentle voice, which made An Xiaxia come back to herself and wipe her face involuntarily.

She was indeed crying.

She had… cried in front of all these people because she was worried about Sheng Yize!

Mhm… that was so embarrassing… An Xiaxia buried her face in her hands and quickly looked around. Luckily, everyone was focused on the game and no one noticed her reaction.

However, the girl was obviously not one of the cheerleaders, nor was she wearing the Qixia uniform.

At a closer look, An Xiaxia realized that she was wearing the blue and white sportswear… she was a Chenjiang student!

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and looked at the girl in alarm as if she had just spotted a spy.

The girl still had a little baby fat on her round face. Her bright dark eyes had a witty look to them and her smile could dissolve any grudge that one might hold toward her.

She looked familiar…

“Don’t you recognize me? I’m Su Niannian! We met before at the middle school music competition!” The girl gave her a sweet smile.

That jogged An Xiaxia’s memory. Su Niannian used to be a very tough contestant in the piano group, but An Xiaxia had heard that she hadn’t participated in any competitions in the past couple of years.

She never thought she would run into her here.

“Are you here to cheer for your team?” An Xiaxia asked her in a small voice.

Su Niannian nodded, looking a little vexed. “It’s so boring. They always win and I have to go with them every time.”

An Xiaxia almost burst into tears — was that the trouble unique to the cheerleaders of an elite team?

Awww! She wanted Qixia to win all the time, too!

“Why are you crying? I see your team has a super good player here and he’s a star, right? He’s so good-looking…” Su Niannian held her face between her palms and put on a fangirl smile.

An Xiaxia sighed. “I don’t know if they can win this.”

“The games are fun to watch because you never know who will win in the end.” Su Niannian blinked. “Don’t you want your team to win?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip, nodded, but shook her head a moment later.

Her reaction baffled Su Niannian a little. Huh? How could someone wish their team to win and lose at the same time?

“I want them to win… but I’m afraid of them winning as well…” An Xiaxia stared at Sheng Yize, lost in thought.

She obviously wanted to see Qixia win.

However, to do that, with the strong opponent they had today, Sheng Yize would probably have to give it his all.

The injury on this leg would definitely get worse because of that…

An Xiaxia chewed her lip and was overwhelmed by a panic she had never felt before.